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Comment Namecoin (Score 1) 103

I know Slashdot has developed a cultural sense of anything Bitcoin-related as being utter shit, but does anyone follow the development of Namecoin, or think they could help? It's in an alpha stage right now, but as i understand it, the intention is to incorporate dns services in addition to the current simple name registering scheme.

Comment Re:For what reason? (Score 1) 390

If someone is slandering your name anonymously on the internet, there is probably something seriously wrong with the way you're living your life. I can't imagine someone coming after me for something i did because i treat people well personally and professionally. Most people skip the second one. I don't abuse the modicum of power i have and i turn the other cheek when others come at me. What's the basic explanation for this theoretical anonymous retribution if it's not someone that you've been callous to? Random crazy? If you live your life thinking that random crazy is a common occurrence in society, trust me, it's not them who are crazy... YOU drive people crazy.

Also, if you think you're name is worth anything there is a 99.9% chance you are insanely deluded.

/this comment not directed at you of course

Comment Re:What difference does it make? (Score 1) 253

You don't expect all the people involved in the case to get all dressed up so many times and have it result in a pocket change judgement, do you? Cognitive dissonance and the tendency to think one's position is more important that it really is prevents this judge from making a sane damage award. Judges have a stupidity precedence for having not thrown every goddamn last one of these cases out of any courtroom.

Comment Re:Great quote... (Score 1) 925

Nice summary. I can tell you've actually read about this issue. I've noticed nobody can seem to refute these items without changing the subject to a talking point. Overall, i'm pretty impressed with Slashdot right now, normally the geeks here seem to be a lot more conservative and understandably ignorant about political issues (because, of course, people who don't take a major interest in a subject should STFU instead of parroting propaganda). Similarly impressed i haven't seen the word socialism 50 times right off the bat.

Comment Re:Paralitical thinking (Score 1) 1505

I came back to comment, just for you my friend. It's funny, on Fark you would be called a Fark Independent® because you probably would be a Republican if it wasn't so hard to get behind the party these days. I was speaking in generalities about the huge number of uneducated Republican or Conservative people who have miraculously been cured recently of their problem with spending government money. I actually suspected you were a self-described independent, but I also doubt you were in 2000.

But then, we're not getting anywhere assuming anything about each other. I am not 'one of those people' anymore than it's fair for me to call you 'one of those people who x,y,z'. I do not consider myself a Democrat, or if I am, it's only a temporary condition. You might call me an Obama Democrat, and that's because I agree with his vision and when he speaks I don't hear a moron who is ironically trying to talk down to me, like so many others. I hear the voice of someone who understands what the hell is going on.

What this was about was you commenting on someone who effectively said 'these ad hominem attacks are meaningless in regards to the policy change'. I agreed with him. If you want to claim I'm wrong, please say something on-topic. It is not important who is involved with the administration. This is not a soap opera or a lucas film. Timmy or anyone else's personal matters are irrelavent to discussion of closing tax loopholes, which, I might add, was a big talking point for the only other viable candidate in the presidential election.

Comment Re:Paralitical thinking (Score 1) 1505

What I hate is a strawman argument. OP was making the point that this is irrelavent. Which it is. In no way does anyone's personal tax history have anything to do with corporate tax loopholes.

Nice threadjack BTW republicans.

Obama does something almost everyone can get behind: "But OBAMA did it, it MUST BE BAD!!!! Let's attack his nominees again, that will work!"

You fools have nothing left to argue. Every (R) talking point is pathetic, that's why you lost. "PARTY OF NO" will become increasingly ineffective. You must have real ideas in there somewhere.

Research Indicates Human Evolution Accelerating

An anonymous reader writes "A new paper (pdf) just released shows that not only have humans not stopped evolving, the rate of evolution has massively increased during the past 40,000 years thanks to bigger population sizes and varied environments. Lead author John Hawks has posted the first of several blog entries about the research. 'In the study, researchers analzyed genomes from 270 people belonging to four disparate ethnic groups: Han Chinese, Africa's Yoruba tribe, Japanese and Utah Mormons. By comparing areas of difference and similarity, they determined that about seven percent of the genome has undergone significant change since the end of the last Ice Age. If human beings had always evolved at such a rapid clip, said the researchers, genetic differences between people and chimpanzees would be 160 times greater than they are. '"

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