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Comment Application Binaries != Media Codecs (Score 2) 146

I understand he's trying to draw an easy to quote analogy, but you can't just apply a magic codec to an application binary to turn it into a streaming game. The truth is that Steam is the Netflix of games, it's where everyone is going to buy their games now and gamers have the same love for Steam that people have for Netflix.

Comment Re:I have no idea.... (Score 1) 484

Our office has about 60 people in it across 2 floors and everyone uses a shared open space, and I really do mean everyone. Our founders and ceo are right out in the middle of the open floor along with everyone else. We have plenty of space for people to conduct meetings or shut themselves away with their laptop and phone to do personal work. There are plenty of couches you can sit on to get your back to the wall if you want to take a break and have some privacy.

The amount of ideas that flow around our office on a daily basis is amazing, and if nothing else I hope they work to preserve this arrangement. Sure there are people who don't like it, and you know what, when they leave we're BETTER for it. This company more then any other has taught me that it's important to foster a workplace culture even if it means leaving people behind.

Comment Re:What a sham! (Score 2, Insightful) 833

Data mining players on blizzard isn't nearly as meaningful as you're making it out to be. Blizzard employees have stated on previous occasions that the amount of data they generate is monumental and trying to mine it is so impractical they just throw it all away. This is the reason they can't even catch people cheating by rewinding battlegrounds sessions. Data mining a place like facebook is far more valuable because the connections between people are easily confined and contain stable links. Data mining the complex interactions that take place in a gaming system are impossible on a system wide scale, the best you could do is pick a handful of players and try to make sense of the avalanche of data they generate.

Comment Re:Time does not exist (Score 1) 578

I don't know if it a cop out though. I also would say time doesn't exist, what does exist is CHANGE. Time is the ruler we use against the frequency of change. We say that one second is the duration that has passed after a specified amount of change occurs within a cescium atom. As a measurement it never actually slows down or speeds up. When you get close to the speed of light, one second is still the exact same amount of change in that cescium atom. But as we all know, the frequency of that change slows down dramatically.

Can you put something back to the original state that it changed from? Of course, but that's not going back in time. No different then stopping change means you've jumped into the future.

Comment Re:Who Does The Parenting? (Score 1) 507

I completely agree. For millenia humans have operated under the axiom that "it takes a village to raise a child" and many of our institutions grew from this idea, school being the primary example. It's really only within the past 50 years that we've turned this around and now say "keep the village away from my child" and the consequences of this are playing out in most western societies now.

Comment Insanely Great Experiences? (Score 5, Informative) 409

"Flash has its strengths, but not when it comes to creating insanely great mobile experiences" Nothing really creates insanely great mobile experiences, mobile is far more about functionality then experience because it is such a limiting platform. Most of our clients looking for iphone apps are trying to scale down the full experience to a limited set of core functionality that supports a sometimes connected, highly relevant, supplement to the richer web desktop/laptop experiences. As much as people want to say that HTML5 richness can keep up with Flash, I've already tried to start some benchmarks to see where the performance gaps are. To give some perspective, the iphone renders the HTML5 test at about 0.5 fps.

Comment Re:Why doesn't Adobe just open-source Flash? (Score 2, Interesting) 400

Open sourcing the flash player opens it up to design by committee politics which Adobe doesn't want. They can't sell a new version of CS7 if they can't get all the Flash players to implement the new features. Sun actually got caught by this problem as they've been trying to push JavaFX. JavaFX works great with features introduced in Java 6, but since Apple controls java on the mac, they've been crippled with Java 5 compatibility on Leopard.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 228

They will probably apply some constraints to the contest similar to what the original author did. Maybe require contestants to use a credit cards twice a week, or book a flight at least once during the period or use an ATM once a week maybe.

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