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Comment Re:Great (Score 2) 225

A more appropriate analogy to this case: An actress is naked on private property a few feet from a public sidewalk while she's being photographed by a professional. These photographs are intended for unrestricted online publication. You, walking on the sidewalk, take a picture of her while this is happening and post it on your blog. She sues you and proceeds to show up naked to the hearing.

Comment Re:Robots (Score 1) 202

I have to wonder what Amazon was thinking, building such a labor-intensive operation four hours from the nearest major labor pool.

Distribution centers are often located way out in the middle of nowhere because that's where the cheapest land is. They don't need to be near a major population center unless they are looking to staff the place with skilled labor, which they aren't. After all, the Coffeyville area certainly does seem to have enough of a population base to support Amazon's operations most of the year.

Comment Money for nothing (Score 1) 424

My previous employer overpaid quite a few people a few years back, and the worst that happened to people who didn't offer to return the money was that they had to pay income taxes on it. Although the total amount was about $80k, it was divided among so many employees that taking legal action against any one employee was not worth it.

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