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Reddit Bans Far-Right Groups Altright and Alternativeright ( 899

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Social media site Reddit has banned two of the largest far-right "subreddits" groups it hosts, altright and alternativeright. The subreddits have been used in the organization of America's resurgent neofascist movement but the final straw for Reddit was the two groups' participation in what is known as "doxing": sharing private personal information without permission as a form of online harassment. The subreddits were specifically banned for breaking Reddit's content policy, according to a message posted by the site admins, "specifically, the proliferation of personal and confidential information." Reddit did not make it explicit which content infringed its rules, but it is believed to be attempts to dox the protestor who punched a white nationalist during a TV interview at Donald Trump's inauguration. Speaking to the Daily Beast, one Reddit moderator claimed that the ban was instead a result of its "record monthly traffic" (Reddit moderators, like the creators of individual subreddits, are all volunteers with no official relationship to the site's staff). "It's clear that Reddit banned us because we were becoming very popular and spreading inconvenient truths about who's ruining our country and robbing our children of a future," the moderator said.

Comment New version of cigarette case stories... (Score 2) 175

It are the same kind of (bullshit)stories as the deck of cards stopping the bullet, or the cigarette case stopping the bullet, or the bible stopping the bullet.

How many other people at the airport which got shot did have their macbook with them and didn't get the chance to use it as a shield?

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 255

How much of all this is just misanthropy.

Plenty of CEOs drinking and operating companies; plenty of sociopaths, too. Such are planning to replace tens of millions of people and crash a good chunk of the planet into depression. I'll be impressed when the CEOs get replaced by AI.

Circuits are by definition the opposite of real world. The Pittsburg taxis have drivers. The Ohio trucks have drivers. And they are crashing plenty; they just are not telling us about it.

Comment Re:Yes they did (Score 1) 47

Image a game you watch being played by the computer instead of you. The joystick moves, apeing the computer's decisions. You can override if the character does something idiotic. Now, how long til your brain shuts off, and you react too late when the character runs into a sword.

Now: imagine it's a car. You are in it. Your hand hovers over the wheel, trying every second to outguess the computer. You have a quarter second to react. You fail. You die.

Comment Re:Trouble down the road (Score 1) 255

Indded. We'd be committing everyone - poor, old, rich, young - to constantly rebuy cars on a schedule that automakers decide. They could obsolete cars at will. Or set up subsciption services - brake control, GPS maps, charge us for our own surveillance.

What is unbelievable is they think that cars are retired every five years or so, so obsolence won't be a problem. They know perfectly well that people keep cars for ten - fifteen years because, well, they're bloody expensive. They want that option gone. We'll be on an upgrade cycle like PCs, and enormously profitable one.

Cars, esp. electric cars, can easily last twenty years. Change the batteries, the motor bearings, seals, and it can keep going. That is a huge problem for car manufacturers. Computer controlled everything fixes all that for them.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 2) 255

Those things on the road are not self-driving cars. They are apps that can, with human oversight, kinda imitate a human driver in careully orchestrated conditions. But there are *no* self-driving cars out there. And Google just gave up.

The real goal is self-driving trucks and taxis. They want to fire all the drivers and keep all the money, so there is a lot of *want* on the part of capital. But we haven't built an AI that can match a trained human. If we have such, they'd have shown the robots proudly whipping around the streets, unpiloted. There aren't. Maybe someday we can do it, but right now we're being bamboozed by billionaires who are bamboozling themselves.

Missouri rule: Show me.

Too many things a toaster can't do. The most important: actual human thought.

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