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Comment No, it doesn't (Score 1) 1051

Does that mean that there are the occasional intrusive ads, expanding this way and that? Yes, sometimes we have to accept those ads.

No, it doesn't.

The first popup, pop-behind, obnoxious animation (if it's annoying or turns the fan on in my laptop it's obnoxious), or sound of any kind will drive me to block that ad or switch to a news source that doesn't have it. I don't really feel the need to block text or still image ads.

Comment Just get a mac (Score 1) 932

My life is much better since all the people who ask me for technical help got macs. If you can afford it, just buy them one (and require them to surrender the Windows machine in exchange for it).

My mom did manage to delete an app on her mini once, but Time Machine made that reversible.

They pay me to deal with Windows at work. I don't want to do that at home too.


Submission + - Google lost german toplevel domain

Korkman writes: It seems Google has just lost one of it's major toplevel domains,, to some german webhoster which was obviously well prepared for the traffic hit. See "", and, if already recovered, "" for the webhoster. stopped immediately redirecting german visitors to Anyone here to guess how much economic damage this will deal?

Submission + - Ebola Vaccine Shows Promise

waterford0069 writes: "Researchers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada have developed a post exposure vaccine against Ebola which is at least 50% effective in animal models. While there are other treatments for Ebola such as coagulation inhibitors (33% effective) and antisense drugs (75% effective), it is hoped that this post exposure vaccine can help to treat Ebola in the same manner as rabies and smallpox are treated in humans."

Submission + - Battery Breakthrough?

Up2eyeballz writes:
Technology Review reports: "A Texas company says it can make a new ultracapacitor power system to replace the electrochemical batteries in everything from cars to laptops." From the article:
The company boldly claims that its system, a kind of battery-ultracapacitor hybrid based on barium-titanate powders, will dramatically outperform the best lithium-ion batteries on the market in terms of energy density, price, charge time, and safety. Pound for pound, it will also pack 10 times the punch of lead-acid batteries at half the cost and without the need for toxic materials or chemicals, according to the company.
With a claim like this... Have at it people.
The Courts

Submission + - Cisco lost rights to iPhone trademark last year?

An anonymous reader writes: An investigation into the ongoing trademark dispute between Cisco and Apple over the name "iPhone" appears to show that Cisco does not own the mark as claimed in their recent lawsuit. This is based on publicly available information from the US Patent and Trademark office, as well as public reviews of Cisco products over the past year. The trademark was apparently abandoned in late 2005/early 2006 because Cisco was not using it. TFA:

Submission + - PVR on appleTV

MartinB writes: "The guys at elgato are completely confident that eyeTV will support appleTV. Turns out the key thing is exporting to iTunes in H.264 or MPEG-4. Now, can we please have a MythDVD-like DVD ripper that can do the same, so I can watch all my (legal) video content on the thing?"

Submission + - Senate bill S.256 aims to restrict internet radio

JAFSlashdotter writes: If you enjoy MP3 or OGG streams of internet radio, it's time to pay attention. This week US Senators Lamar Alexander, Joseph Biden, Dianne Feinstein, and Lindsey Graham in their collective wisdom have decided to reintroduce the "Platform Equality and Remedies for Rights Holders in Music (PERFORM) Act". This ARS Technica article explains that PERFORM would restrict our rights to make non-commercial recordings under the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992, and require satellite and internet broadcasters to use "technology to prevent music theft". That means goodbye to your favorite streaming audio formats, hello DRM. The EFF said pretty much the same when this bill last reared its ugly head in April of 2006. It's too soon to get the text of this year's version (S.256) online, but it likely to resemble last year's S.2644, which is available through Thomas. Last year's bill died in committee, but if at first you don't succeed...

Submission + - Scientists prepare to move Doomsday Clock forward

antikarma writes: The keepers of the "Doomsday Clock" plan to move its hands forward next Wednesday to reflect what they call worsening nuclear and climate threats to the world. The symbolic clock, maintained by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, currently is set at seven minutes to midnight, with midnight marking global catastrophe. The group did not say in which direction the hands would move. But in a news release previewing an event next Wednesday, they said the change was based on "worsening nuclear, climate threats" to the world.

Feed Is Safari Destined for Windows? (

A Mozilla Foundation document suggests that Apple may bring its Safari web browser to the Windows Platform. The iPod led to iTunes for Windows, now the iPhone may do the same for other software. In Monkey Bites.

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