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Comment Re: Yeah not around here. (Score 1) 990

I can't find the article now, but I read one recently about the popularity of EVs in Norway. They're fine in the city where they have installed a lot of charging stations, but the article talks about how the rural Norwegians are sticking with gas because of the reduced range of EVs in winter and the scare of being stranded on a country road in freezing temperatures.

Comment Re:90% of trips != 90% of drivers (Score 1) 990

My weekend trips are frequently to the mountains for a day of skiing in the winter. Where I am rental cars do not have winter tires on them and I do not go to the mountains in winter without them. I also have my ski box for carrying my gear which is not an option for rental vehicles (and I use for camping gear in the summer). EVs batteries drain faster in the winter because the battery is also used to heat it, reducing its range and causing worries about running out of charge in the winter when far from home. I would love to have a small EV for getting around town in, but I still need my gas vehicle and can't afford two.

Comment Re:Isn't this a self-correcting problem? (Score 4, Informative) 195

Assuming you're legitimately asking, despite your user name...

It's because indoor running tracks are generally short (~200m) and you are running on the curve for about 50% of it. If you run alot and always run the same way, you will build up a muscle imbalance.

Comment Not Either/Or, But Both (Sit/Stand) (Score 1) 134

I wanted a sit/stand desk at work because my knees hurt when I sit all day. My desk is too high (can't be lowered) so my chair has to be at highest and then my legs don't reach the ground. Yeah, I have one of those foot rest things, but unconsciously always move my feet onto the desk legsand this causes strain on my knees.

The company sent out an expert in ergonomics to do an assessment and I got a Varidesk that I can raise and lower as I need. The recommondation was to neither sit nor stand all day, but to switch it up back and forth every 20-30 minutes. I've been using it for over 6 months now and I really like it and have noticed a difference in reduction of aches/pains.

Comment Re:School isn't job training (Score 1) 908

And your statement could also be used to argue that everyone should have music, art and drama in their curriculum all the way through high school. When I was in high school, calculus was a separate, optional course which I didn't take (but I did do art and music). I barely made it through the regular algebra/trig course. But I excelled at the stats courses I took in university and I learned logic in a philosophy course (which I think should be mandatory for everyone).

Comment Re:It is an ad. (Score 1) 216

I am. If push comes to shove, most people will pick a candidate if it was mandatory to vote. It might make people give even a little thought to who they want making decisions that affect their lives. If they're really ambivalent, confused, frustrated, they have the option of spoiling their ballots. But, I suspect that will be a small minority. Instead, I think we'd actually see a better representation of what the people want.

Comment Re:Technobabble can help the argument too (Score 2) 200

I think it would be the reverse of what you said.

For example is you say the NSA is collecting telephone metadata that sounds benign as they don't know what metadata is. If you simplify it and say the NSA is having AT&T share the info on their phone bills; date, number called, duration ... then people would understand and probably rate the collection of much higher importance as they understand their privacy is being invaded.

Comment Re:Honest question. (Score 1) 479

I don't have any citations and don't have the time to search right now, but a lot of research is looking at why girls lose interest in STEM much earlier than at the university entrance stage. There's been research that shows girls are interested in STEM in their early teens but by their late teens many have lost it? Why? Have they been discouraged by teachers/counsellers, peers, media? It's not an easy question to answer, if at all.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 142

The federal government in Canada is officially bilingual and provides services in both official languages. The only province that is bilingual is New Brunswick and it also provides services in both languages. Quebec is unilingual French, and is required to only provide services in that language. All other provinces are unilingual English.

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