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Comment Re:Because there is no "wrong" moderation... (Score 1) 1276

Errr. Wrong again.

Republic means "run by elected/appointed officials". True democracy, where every citizen votes on every bill/law/appointment is NOT a republic, nor is monarchy, nor is dictatorship (unless we consider that self appointed?).

Officially, the UK is a constitutional monarchy. However, their parlimentary system is more a republic than a democracy. The US, UK, & France all fall into the same category!

Most modern "democracies" are republics, with the representatives chosen via general democratic elections.

Comment Wear protection (Score 1) 1016

i disassembled my old drives and saved the platters and the superstrong magnets. The platters look like steel so I thought maybe I'll just bend them in half and make it not worth anybody's time to try reading them. Platters don't bend - they shatter into a million slivers of something that initially just embed themselves in your hands. For weeks you'll be finding fragments in the carpet 20 feet from the original impact zone.

So wear protection (esp. eyes) and do it somewhere you can cleanup easily. Sound advice for many activities.

Comment Re:so naive (Score 1) 286

Not be to too naive, but how do you think they were previously blocking iranian access?

Most likely the government 4th graders were already using foriegn proxies for whatever ultra secret things the "Axis of Evil" is working on these days. Now they can steal wifi from the coffe shop across the street or the private DSL line installed in their bunker.

If you felt more safe before reading this you're the naive one.

Comment Payment Info???? (Score 1) 390

Can't the courts subpoena the payment info for the fraudulent request?

Maybe you as an individual can contact them as well. Without some social engineereing they should only be willing to tell you it doesn't match info you provide.

Chances are, whoever did it wasn't that bright and used their own paypal or credit card info.

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