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Comment Re:Not in a long time... (Score 1) 284

I also worked for Microsoft in the early 90's. I remember they had the stacks of Windows 95 disks sitting around for people to grab. I must have taken a dozen or so of those to give to friends. And then I discovered the network shares with all of the MS apps and OS's just waiting to be copied down by anyone who wanted them.

Comment Re:Cue Bush Derangement Syndrome (Score 1) 372

I guess you only watch Fox News...

In comparison, they are probably very tame.

What amazes me on a daily basis is the sheer level of mindless, childish, unchecked rage expressed at the man.

Comment Re:Random thoughts on those two games (Score 1) 93

One of the many things capitalism has a vastly negative effect on is art

You mean like the Renaissance artists? They didn't exactly work for free, and they didn't always get to choose the theme; "I would like a fresco of the last supper" When you do work, or a service, for a fee, and you market that service to the general public, and you are in competition with other people in the same suddenly have...capitalism! I'm not sure how capitalism has any effect on art good or bad. The good ones will always shine through. And they will still be producing art when the pay goes away, hence the 'starving artist' term. If you are talking about mass produced garbage, you don't need capitalism for that. The Soviet Union certainly pushed their agenda through art that was mass produced, and do you think that the artist were given much flexibility with the 'design' so to speak? Not sure if these are legit:

First Person Shooters (Games)

Combat Vets On CoD: Black Ops, Medal of Honor Taliban 93

An anonymous reader writes "Thom 'SSGTRAN' Tran, seen in the Call of Duty: Black Ops live action trailer and in the game as the NVA multiplayer character, gets interviewed and talks about Medal of Honor's Taliban drama. '... to me, it's a non-issue. This is Hollywood. This is entertainment. There has to be a bad guy if there's going to be a good guy. It's that simple. Regardless of whether you call them — "Taliban" or "Op For" — you're looking at the same thing. They're the bad guys.'" Gamasutra published a related story about military simulation games from the perspective of black ops veteran and awesome-name-contest winner Wolfgang Hammersmith. "In his view, all gunfights are a series of ordered and logical decisions; when he explains it to me, I can sense him performing mental math, brain exercise, the kind that appeals to gamers and game designers. Precise skill, calculated reaction. Combat operations and pistolcraft are the man's life's work."

Comment Re:Never dealt with that sort of problem (Score 2, Interesting) 532

I've worked for a couple of fairly large companies where laptops have been stolen. Always seems to be the mail guy coming in after hours. One guy got around 15 one night. However those laptops with cable locks were never lifted, it was always those that were just sitting there asking to be stolen. So while the 'professionals' you worked with might not be stealing the equipment, you can't always trust some of the lower paid hired help.

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