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The Internet

Submission + - An end to Internet radio?

b3gr33n writes: Yesterday the Copyright Royalty Board announced new fees for Internet Radio broadcasting: "Earlier today, the Copyright Royalty Board, the group overseeing statutory licensing for US-based internet radio stations, announced the new royalty rates for streaming radio performance rights. The board rejected the arguments made by webcasters and instead chose to adopt the proposal put forth by industry-backed SoundExchange, a royalty fee collection agency created by the RIAA." http://www.save-internet-radio.com/2007/03/02/save -internet-radio/

We listen a lot to internet radio. It brings in local stations that have poor reception and has introduced us to music around the world. In the end we've bought a fair amount of CD's based on our listening. Many of the stations like Radio Paradise are small family run operations. There is no way they can afford these fees. The Save-Internet-Radio website reports that curiously enough, broadcast stations do not pay these fees. Is that true? Is this an attempt to squelch yet another form of free media?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How to Fix a Faulty LCD Monitor

natnit writes: "(Link to Original Post) I purchased a NEC 17" LCD screen in August 2005 (model Multisync LCD1735NXM). It worked flawlessly for 9 months, but my dad dropped it (while in its box) while we were moving it to storage, for the summer. A few months later, when I took it out of storage, and attempted to set it up, it was acting weirdly. When I turned on the attached computer, the screen would flash brightly with the image you would expect, but within a split-second, the screen would go black. You can make out the picture faintly if you look very closely. What could be wrong with the monitor, and how do I fix it? I've heard suggestions that it's the backlight, and I've read the Invent Geek article, but is that a realistic diagnosis? I took apart the monitor, to see if I could figure out what needs to be done, but I couldn't even find the bulb in the first place. Does anyone have experience or insight in the matter?"
United States

Submission + - Is US economy more important than world ecology?

valiko75 writes: "A recent report, under the title United States Climate Action Report, predicts a growth in the emission of greenhouse gases by 11% by 2012. The Greens will not be impressed of course, but the Bush administration says that this is a necessity, because there is more population and the economy has grown more; hence the necessary growth of emissions of harmful gases, which contribute to global warming (this 11% growth is in the U.S. and the warming is GLOBAL). Back in 2002 George W. Bush has set up a goal: to reduce these emission, so that they would be lower than the economy growth rate. This is what it is today. The question is "Why not try more to reduce these emissions?" The whole world is world is working on this topic, whereas Bush has spoken only recently for the first time about global warming, saying that this has became quite a challenge for all of us."

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