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Comment Re:No public drug use (Score 1) 474

My point is that you are wrong when you say "just because you don't like it doesn't mean it should be banned". I have already explained that by turning your logic around and hoping you would see this that one could try and argue to legalize all that is liked. This apparently did not sink in for you, possibly because you have convinced yourself of your opinion being a rational and absolutely logical truth. It is not. What you have is just another opinion like everyone else's.

If politics finds that supporting an opinion gives them power then they will pursue it. They do this for almost any if not all opinions. If drugs are then disliked and people want to see them banned then this it is exactly what it means will happen. You fail to understand this or only do not want to believe it, because you remain convinced of your opinion.

Do you understand this now?

Comment Re:No public drug use (Score 1) 474

I completely comprehend what you are saying. You cannot believe it, but beliefs also do not matter. Laws are created by those who are in power and power is given through votes (at least in a democracy it is).

You can long for power as much as you like, and argue for as much as you want, it is not giving you any power.

Comment Re:No public drug use (Score 1) 474

No, you are wrong. If what you are saying had any merit, then it would be possible to argue 'when someone likes it then it should also be made legal'. We could legalize theft and killings.

Fact is arguments do not matter. What matters are votes, and the government that gets the most votes wins. Arguments, regardless of how logical and rational these may be, mean nothing to the process. It is simply not required for a minority to understand why the majority wins.

So when people say they do not like it then, yes, it can mean that it should be banned.

Comment Re:Bad Idea, End of Story (Score 1) 474

Again, I was not arguing. This is my experience. It is what I see. There is nothing to debate.

I can also see that you have a problem. You argue just like many alcoholics. They not care for any of the warnings either and only want it their way even when it destroys them. No words will change them and only they can change themselves.

I am not saying that you are an alcoholic. This is for you to find out. Most alcoholics, who admit to having a problem, do not seek a debate. They try to find help.

Comment Re:Just No (Score 1) 474

It is not meant to be an argument. It is an opinion I have. And seeing how you are trying to argue with an opinion, unable to tell the difference between argument and opinion, do I doubt you have a use for arguments. You will be happy when you only get someone's attention, or drugs. At best would you only be looking to get my approval, but it would also be too late for it, because I am sure you are already using drugs.

Comment Re:Bad Idea, End of Story (Score 1) 474

I do not support it, but I am also not a violent or only angry person. So everyone who disagrees here with me know you are save from me!

I see daily what alcohol can do to people. I have had friends who died at an age of 30 to failing livers. Others who are still alive drink 4l-8l of cider a day. They cannot stop even if they wanted to, because their liver has adjusted to these amounts and a rapid change will cause a liver failure. They first need to get their consumption down before a rehab takes them or else their need for alcohol would interfere with the other alcoholics who can actually stop drinking.

These are extremes, but many people who drink alcohol only occasionally do not realize that they are actually addicted to it. They often say something like they need their beer on the weekend or else they cannot unwind. They do not know how true this actually is. They balance their addiction with work, but if they lose their job for someone reason do they enter into a spiral.

I do not even like talking to people who are intoxicated. They fail to listen, they fail to argue, and they only want to enjoy their high on alcohol, meaning, they want to "have fun". The only people who enjoy the company of drunk people are other drunk people.

Comment Just No (Score 0) 474

I do not believe in recreational drugs. There is no need for them and I rather want to see less drugs in our society than more. It is never the drugs who break the law, but it is people and they will continue breaking laws, because it did not stop them before. If, theoretically speaking, drug dealing would get punished with the death sentence, would we get rid of drugs and drug dealers pretty fast. If you do not like my opinion then talk to the dad and his son in the following picture. They might agree with the World Health Organization:

Comment Re:Sun Tzu already knew (Score 1) 118

No, sorry, you must have read too much into it. It is an example of a nation responding to a situation in a stupid and escalating manner, which is only asking for more conflict. China took a different approach and chose to change the nature of the situation itself. I think it is a smart and brilliant move by China.

I would love to know how many spy satellites each nation has got in orbit. We only get to see the bickering and bitching really, but perhaps it is coming from those nations who also deploy the most spy satellites.

Comment Re:Star Citizen and the Stagnation of EVE Online (Score 1) 154

Well, being, dumb, stupid, idiotic, moronic, and what ever else is - besides being insulting - a birthright of the young. The young are meant to be this way, because wisdom only comes with age and through a lot of experience. Do not blame them for it, but love them.

Games can help here. A PvP MMO game such as EVE Online teaches quite some interesting lessons. If you already have made all these lessons then bravo, good for you, but some are still in need of them and you should not mind it. They are only teaching these lessons to themselves and not to you.

Comment Star Citizen and the Stagnation of EVE Online (Score 1) 154

If Mr. Roberts had not started the biggest crowd fund raiser in gaming history ever and for his upcoming space game "Star Citizen", then CCP might never had started their Valkyre project. CCP would problably still be trying to create a perma-death vampire game, or worse, to try and push micro-transactions together with vanity items further onto their players. It then just makes completele sense to go public and explain what FPS games cannot do, but their upcoming game can. Those cute, smug icelandian bastards!

Honestly, I am more interested in why the player numbers of EVE Online are in stagnation for the past 5 years now.

Comment Re:Sun Tzu already knew (Score 1) 118

Well, this sadly only shows the culture you are growing up in. To some of us is spying a sign of mistrust and an offence. If you had read Sun Tzu would you know that spying is an act of war.

China's is more than 5,000 years old, possibly 10,000 years. The "Art of War" was written more than 2,500 years ago. The book alone is far older than the Bible or the USA. It is also being used at the military academy in Westpoint as teaching material.

Anyhow, when you then want to make China your enemy, should you also learn about them. Or let me quote Sun Tzu for you: "If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself."

But also the philosopher Socrates already knew "I know that I know nothing". Only some people cannot sleep before they think they have convinced themselves of knowing what exactly is going on, even when at the same time they also know they can never be sure and it could all be a trick.

To assume you have the right to spy on every one and nobody would take it as an offence is simply dumb.

Comment Re:Sun Tzu already knew (Score 1) 118

I said to be glad in comparison to what China could have done instead. Nothing more. You are missing the point if you now want to expand onto what happened in Europe. We might be sitting here all day and night just remind us what happened before then and then before then, and so on. Say, are you at least glad it is not worse?

Comment Sun Tzu already knew (Score 1) 118

The entire western world is thankful for the teachings of Sun Tzu. One cannot blame China for following a good defensive strategy.

By the way, the article makes it sound like it was an offence by China, but the initial offence is the one of nations putting spy satellites into space in the first place. It is then just twisted and ironic, if not funny, to see how the US and Japan seemingly want to defend themselves against China's defence plans, when it took some more spying to find out about the launch.

Be glad they are not stupidly trying to set up nuclear missiles on Cuba in order to get a "head start" in a nuclear world war like the Russians did.

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