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Submission + - Are You Still Flooded by pdf Spam? ( 1

JamieErin writes: "I just read the Wall Street Journal article: The Latest Inbox Scourge: Spam Disguised as PDFs -Qa7NKLP13DBJr1WCOK_HNrW_MAc_20080730.html?mod=crn ews

I can't believe that pdf spam has been taking over my inbox for over a month now without being filtered out yet!

Barracuda Networks claims their firewall nailed pdf spam on June 29:
Barracuda Spam Firewall Thwarts PDF Spam s/index.php?nid=178

Is this for real? Is anyone NOT getting pdf spam anymore? If so, what anti-spam vendor do you use?"

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone Hacked to Work in Australia (

g0rAngA writes: The Sydney Morning Herald is running a story on the iPhone, which has been hacked to work with Telstra, one of the main telecommunications providers in Australia. From the article: 'The hack, which was demonstrated in a video clip posted to YouTube over the weekend, does not allow the user to receive calls or send and receive SMS. It is the furthest anyone has come to unlocking the iPhone for use outside the AT&T mobile network in the US.'
The video on YouTube has been taken down, however instructions for unlocking the phone can still be found on the hackint0sh forums.

Comment Re:Damn! (Score 0, Troll) 87

Oh for goodness sakes! How many more Americans are going to be so US-centric! The world revolves around a central axis not the USA!

"When I read it I thought it meant more jobs are going to be in Felixstowe!"

The East/Far East is a common term for Asia (and other neighbouring territories) that occupy the east section of a standard map (with the USA at the left).

This comes down to a point I find most irritating about Americans, England is not a town in South Dakota; there are other countries besides your own with many different cultures, languages and currencies. When you hear a relative term on an international forum try to open your mind and think outside your little country...

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