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Ask Slashdot: Is Your Data Safe In the Cloud? sponsored by: SourceForge 332

With so much personal data being kept on the cloud, including government and health records or your source code, do you have any concerns about it falling into the wrong hands? Do you think the cloud's benefits are outweighed by continuing security issues?

Good Disk Library Solutions? 371

First time submitter fikx writes "How do Slashdotters manage large collections of disks? I'm hoping for a way to manage a large collection of movies that would give me menu type access to the content, and the only consumer device left seems to be the Sony disk changer, which is discontinued. I would have thought that handling disks would have been a solved problem and on sale in many forms, but I guess not. Have Slashdotters found or built solutions? Or has this problem gone the way of the typewriter?"

Patent Applications Hint Apple Wants To Eliminate Printer Drivers 323

An anonymous reader writes "Apple has filed two patent applications that describe an approach as well as file formats and APIs to eliminate the printer driver as a requirement for users to access a printer and print documents. If the company has its way, there will be three ways to access a printer in the future: The first will be via a conventional software driver. The second will be via a cloud service and the third will be via a driverless access method that supports 'universal' printing from any type device."

Android Password Data Stored In Plain Text 261

jampola writes "The Hacker News is reporting that Android password data is being stored as plain text in its SQlite database. Hackers News says that 'The password for email accounts is stored into the SQLite DB which in turn stores it on the phone's file system in plain text. Encrypting or at least transforming the password would be desirable.' I'm sure most would agree encrypted password data in at least SHA or MD5 would be kind of a good idea!"

New Virus Jumps From Monkeys To Lab Workers 160

sciencehabit writes "It started with a single monkey coming down with pneumonia at the California National Primate Research Center in Davis. Within weeks, 19 monkeys were dead and three humans were sick. Now, a new report confirms that the Davis outbreak was the first known case of an adenovirus jumping from monkeys to humans. The upside: the virus may one day be harnessed as a tool for gene therapy."

Evolution Machine Accelerates Genetic Engineering 161

chrb writes "New Scientist has an article about the Evolution Machine — a device which can accelerate directed artificial evolution to discover desirable DNA changes in days rather than years. One of the aims of these researchers is to create an organism that is genetically immune to all viruses."
The Internet

Rapid Browser Development Challenges Web Developers 221

Esther Schindler writes "Feeling a little overwhelmed by changing web standards and new browser choices? You aren't the only one. Mozilla is launching development tracks for the next two editions of its Firefox Web browser immediately, with hopes to push both into general release before the end of the year. This while Microsoft previews Internet Explorer 10 on the heels of its IE9 release, and Google projects Chrome 13 just one year after Chrome 7. Meanwhile, HTML5, the next version of the Web's primary language, appears to have entered a permanent gestation phase. Writes Scott Fulton: All the confusion has prompted Web developers to ask this question: What do we develop our sites against now?"

Comment Re:Virtual Desktops (Score 2) 1002

Most multi-monitor users I've seen don't sit 6 feet from their cluster of monitors to allow them simultaneous (non-peripheral) viewing of multiple monitors. On the other hand, I can switch between two virtual desktops in a fraction of a second.

The only time a second monitor, IMHO, is an improvement over a virtual desktop is when you can use your peripheral vision to monitor some live

Of course, most Windows users (even developers) are so glued to their mice, that switching desktops would be a time-consuming issue.

As for the comparison to "tabbing between windows", I find that ridiculous. Perhaps inflammatory (apologies...), but I really do. It presupposes a complete "Microsoft Windows" view of the world, where every application runs in exactly one window and all windows are inherently either maximized are minimized. It's not uncommon to see Linux developers have a multitude of windows open and visible at the same time.

You can't easily "tab between" groups of specifically positioned and sized windows. (Note, I said *easily*).

Comment Virtual Desktops (Score 4, Interesting) 1002

My opinion is this is largely a consequence of how the Maximize functionality works / has worked.

My money is on the complete lack of virtual desktops on Microsoft's platform.

Yes, there are third party apps that add the capability, but I don't know a single Windows developer who uses them. On the other hand, I don't know a single Linux developer who DOESN'T use them... (now watch Slashdot provide countless counter examples).

Developing on a system without virtual desktops *or* a second (at least) monitor is a huge pain in the ass.


Meteorites Brought Ingredients of Life To Earth 199

Meshach writes "A new analysis of a meteorite found in Antarctica is leading scientists to think that life on Earth may have come from outer space. Chemical analysis of the meteorite shows it to be rich in ammonia and containing the element nitrogen. Nitrogen is found in the proteins and DNA that form the basis of life as we know it. The prevailing theory is that our planet may have been seeded by a comet or asteroid because the formative Earth might not have been able to provide the full inventory of simple molecules needed for the processes which led to primitive life."

Scientists Advocate Replacing Cattle With Insects 760

rhettb writes "Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered that insects produce significantly less greenhouse gas per kilogram of meat than cattle or pigs. Their study, published in the online journal PLoS, suggests that a move towards insect farming could result in a more sustainable — and affordable — form of meat production."

Submission + - SPAM: Top 20+ google blogs

An anonymous reader writes: Google is the largest technology company no doubt. We use Google product and services on daily basis, and many of the users are depends on it very much, and if any of the services are down, I am feeling me becomes un comfort. Today i compiled 20+ google blogs that helped you very much to keeping you up to date. Enjoy!

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