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Comment God I hope not... (Score 2) 244

One of my largest pet peeves of internet trends is the posting of a tutorial, review, hands on, or just a small bit of useful information, in a 15 minute video padded by intro, random babbling, and outro, when a couple paragraphs and a few photos would have done.

Count this right up there with 'clean design' filled with useless white space and large typeface and design features.

Is it so hard to ask for nicely laid-out information dense pages that are quickly absorb-able without some annoying person babbling or needing to scroll all over the page? Bah

Comment WINDOWS 10 ENTERPRISE LTSB (Score 1) 213

Doesn't this seem the better option if you're able to get your mitts on it?

No Edge, Store/Apps, Cortana, and telemetry (even the extra bits) all stoppable. Essentially a clean desktop edition of Windows 10 that gets all major bug-fixes and security updates without all the extra cruft for a period of 3-5 years (depending on when they choose to integrate the current branch features and release the next LTSB).

Here's a couple links:

Now, I've looked around online and people seem to proclaim the end of the world if you would like to use this as a desktop OS: 'Oh you can disable all of that crap yourself and spend hours gutting and tweaking it to suit your needs. LTSB is meant for ATMs and nuclear subs and you won't get any of the new features, why wouldn't you want them? Blah blah blah'... Frankly in techminded circles that sort of reasoning flabbergasts me, it's spouting off of ideology on no basis of reality. (Though you see the same end-of-the-worlders rear their head when you talk about the pros/cons of disabling UAC.)

If you can legally acquire it, I'm really not seeing the downsides as you get many of the little quality of life updates from Win 8/8.1/10 (task manager, DX12, file copy dialogue) without many of the obnoxious ones (lockscreen ads, Candy Crush, 'helpful suggestions'). Not to mention nothing like the 'fall update fiasco' bulldozing your settings whenever MS pleases by providing and presenting an OS in-place upgrade as a normal Windows update.

Comment Re:Translation from Canadian CorpoSpeak (Score 1) 404

I was referring to Vancouver. I'll admit though, I have been out of the country for a couple years and due to return home in Feb.

That article does look like there may be something interesting happening now, but ultimately in the past years a lot of it has just been show. I am keen on the market entry of Wind Mobile, and the effect it will have on the cellular services. Little off topic, but as Canadians, our mobile market isn't very nice either.

And yeah, I always have been glad that I don't need to use Bell/Rogers/Cogeco, like the rest of the poor saps in the east. Though, it doesn't mean I need to be happy about what I do have available!

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