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Journal Journal: slashdot changing

So slashdot is changing again...

It appears to be getting slower...

Chugga chugga chugga

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Journal Journal: blue ray

"Blue ray is really taking off throughout Australia. Everyone is enjoying this new way of watching your favourite movie. Don't miss out."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Words to that effect in an oh so pleasing voice. I dislike walking among the neo-slaves and their lifestyle.

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Journal Journal: interesting

no need for capitalisation.

life is very interesting. especially when one can be vindicated. it can hurt a lot though. proof of ignorant greed and arrogance only becomes self-evident *after* the fact. this is so sad. is this something that we must learn as a society? how can we learn more about this? how can we teach ourselves without destroying ourselves?

differential equations hold a lot of promise in this area. they are quite widely distributed throughout the universe. they are pure and model things in a beautiful way. the expansion in the direction of greens function seems to hold some appeal. i saw flashes of this during my initial study of calculus, however, i did not know what it was, i may pursue it.

ultimately there may be some sort of recursion, this may be a deluded dream though. recursion is a self propagating process, reliant on prior/future states. it may be that there is a tie with laplace and control systems.

for now, i must look at the dirt. rocks are the things that power this thoughtful movement in our society. today i must do my part.

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Journal Journal: google


First it was the spammers, then the advertisers, now it it the stupidity of the mass media... democracy, we get what we deserve.

These morons are taking over and destroying search engines.

Hopefully they don't take over the edu domains. I am thankful for many of the search narrowing tools.

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Journal Journal: Math

I like math. It is much more exact than other pseudo sciences.

I lack tact. I don't know how to improve this.

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Journal Journal: lost journal 2

My last entry was a good one, I wonder where it went, perhaps I was to quick to reboot while doing something else... perhaps I only previewed and didn't submit It was a good one. I felt good while writing it. It must be lost. I don't think this is the first time... perhaps I need to pay more attention to things.

I am returning to uni. I have been accepted. As I thought. Of course they will have me.

Inflation is rising in contemporary society. The political spectrum denies it. It's bloody obvious.

Saw the doc, got some relaxing sleeping pills. These allow me to switch off my brain at night. I still stress, get depressed and wish I could be fully doped all day.

Ha did want things to work, it was the family who didn't. I should follow the lead of Bell... unfortunately it may be a little late for Ha. :( depressing.

Arsenic must be removed from massive nickel sulphides on an industrial scale... the financial return will be astronomical. First things first. Argue points with wankers who don't know what they are talking about, if I am wrong, I am humble enough to admit it and I learn... those who do not argue or question are not all that bright.


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Journal Journal: looking good

Things are looking good for the first time in a long time.

Yet again RMS has inspired me to keep on keeping on.

Thanks Richard.

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Journal Journal: interesting

isn't it interesting when you propose something, and it bumps its way around the world eventually hitting you in the face again...

ahhh... to be a promoter of new ideologies... i feel good about it... religion is population control, modern day religions are christianity, islam and environmentalism (under it's differing guises)

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Journal Journal: school

I write this from school... FARK THIS IS LAME...

I am so sick and tired of doing this crap. Life has changed, it has moved more from being able to excel when performing complex tasks to being able to integrate within societal networks. Perhaps it's always been like this. Makes me feel deprecated.

I don't know what I want anymore, but have I ever? The only thing I want is a simple life with family. At the moment it feels like this will never happen. I know I have friends around me, but when I go home at the end of the day... :(

I feel very little incentive to do anything, everything I need is present... Perhaps I need an injection of a high pressure situation. get the adrenalineeeeee running

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Journal Journal: water and air

School is boring... like, when i know more than the teacher and i already know 98%+ of stuff in the course...


oh well, at least the air and water is clean. :)

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Journal Journal: Neural Networks

So, it's Friday Night. I guess only slashdot nerds sit at home reading this sort of stuff... hehehe

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Journal Journal: Spooky

Ok, this journal is spooky... after reading about how myspace et al can be used against someone, I am thinking about slashdot... but, I think I'll stick with my original assesment... who cares! It's not like i'm ever likely to have a job with some fortune 500 company. I'd actually be better off setting up my own company selling porn or some other bit of bullshit, after all, thats what people who don't have jobs do... they package shit and sell it to wankers who have jobs at fortune500 companies. hehehehe...

where was I now? Oh, thats right, I'm really beginning to feel the positive effects of this 5htp shit. i'm reall not caring if it has negative effects now. the only concern i have is if the side effects begin to outweigh the positives, just like those white sugar coated pills from the doctor did... can't get much worse than last time with that pesky matthew and his nemmisis berry... or was it the other way around...

after reading a few other slashdot profiles, i wonder, does anyone read this... well, thats what led o my first comment!!!

back to the beer!

EDIT: oh yeah, i'm real happy i got that ad blocker extension for firefox going... i hate mind warping propaganda!

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Journal Journal: Back to school

I think I'll be going back to school soon. I'm not confident enough to again do university... Those evil wankers who cheat and lie to me. I'll just do the TAFE thing and get a piece of paper. At least people will actually believe me when I say that I know what I am doing. I'm quite certain I can get a bit of paper from TAFE... the fact that it means bugger all is a side issue.

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Journal Journal: she was a dud

yes, a lame looser who lied...


i'm better off without that sort of crap.

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