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Comment Re:WTF??! (Score 1) 199

If they are lucky it will turn out like the Swedish brand IKEA. Cheap furniture and stuff which is perfectly adequate for anyone. When they open there doors in new towns, more expensive ones closes their doors. But I doubt Nokia is that smart...

Comment Re:An open API for apps? (Score 1) 62

Well like the Swedish company called Ericsson who has been working on technology like this for about or over a year. See Ericsson Labs and https://labs.ericsson.com/developer-community/blog/omg-camera-still for mor information on this.

For those that do not know of Ericsson, they are very large within telecom infrastructure, and if they still do, also owns the Ericsson part in phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson.)

Comment Re:False dichotomy (Score 1) 331

No because then your "business" is drug distribution, and that is illegal. The Pirate Bay does not
  • distribute anything else than links (no copyrighted material).
  • make a profit (at all, the courts couldn't find any alleged money and they do not distribute copyrighted materials).
  • promote copyrighted downloads (they promote free file sharing).

So care to try again?

Comment Re:What if the WiFi causes interference (Score 1) 303

Seems like your in the wrong "age", there where fears for interference but there are no real evidence that any of todays systems are affected by "normal" devices. Even if they where, the distance between the device and the instruments (most in the ends of the plane) is to far for the electromagnetic waves to do any difference.

Also the air is already filled with radiowaves, which is another proof for the "radio transmitters" thats not allowed.

Comment Re:not all that bad (Score 1) 127

It is not just to put the files on an FTP and expect everything to work. It's ridiculous you'd even think it's that easy.
  • All PS3s needs to find the files.
  • An EU system might not have access to a US file.
  • Distributing using mirrors/different locations.
  • Storage and uptime.
  • The Playstation Store.
  • Not allowing a non PS3 system to download files.
  • Statistics so they can charge the correct amount and keep track of popularity.

I'd like to see how you get that and 2,5 GB transfer per month! On top of all this the most expensive is always personnel, if you do stuff yourself the cost is zero. Corporations however must always pay a salary, regardless if it is Sony or the distributor/producer who does.

Comment Re:FOSS Will Gain Market Share (Score 1) 355

Aren't all Microsoft products vastly superior to the old one or having a lot of redundant code? On the top of my head, products like Windows ME and Windows Vista.

Microsoft pushes for people to upgrade so they make what they can of it, sometimes their new versions actually stink more than the last one, but why let that stop you?

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