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Comment Re:Perfect Illustration (Score -1) 339

Australia outputs 409,000 Kt of CO2 out of the worlds 35,669,000 Kt or 1.15%. If Australia disappeared tomorrow it wouldn't do shit for global CO2, so your per capita measurement is useless. Statistically Australia cannot affect global CO2, but let's fuck those Aussie's anyway, right? Accepting you already think CO2 is THE control knob of everything and that we can control it at all. How much of the global CO2 is that man made 36 Gt, 5%?? So the other 700 Gt is natural? But you know exactly how much CO2 there SHOULD BE..... Can someone please start making some sense?

Comment Re:Tolls? (Score -1) 837

Why not screw the tax? For fucks sake there are less than 4 million people in the entire state and the yearly budget is over $36 billion?!?!? The amount of money is NOT the problem here. Maybe the state could also put a GPS on my car so it knows where I went? That way certain roads and times could be charged premium? Maybe certain days could be premium as well? Yeah, good job politicians, we still don't have enough jobs and our rents and real estate prices are sky freaking high, but good work on this....boneheads.

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