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Comment Re:BS (Score -1) 534

Per capita is a shit way of measuring CO2, used by SJW's to spread the blame. So we should concentrate at the top of the list, right? 1 QATAR 11.03 per capita But if we are not bullshitting ourselves, we need the actual CO2 output by country: 1 CHINA (MAINLAND) 2795054 2 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1414281 43 QATAR 23186 So China is outputting TWICE the CO2 of the USA, and rising, but we are still the shits, right? But hey, if per capita conveys your agenda better, definitely use that. China is also increasing their coal fired electricity output by 20% in the short term, so they are NOT headed in your "right" direction. Additionally, they could give a flying fuck about global anything, so you cannot believe a single word they say. But you are keeping the poorest nations from investing in coal fired power generation by limiting lending based on CO2, so you are really going to fuck everyone with these policies. If you are claiming the CO2 will prevent us from entering into the next glacial period, I hope you are correct. I keep thinking you CO2 nutballs would throw a switch to take us to 280ppm or lower tomorrow if you had the chance, the Snowpiercer Effect.....

Comment Re:Perfect Illustration (Score -1) 339

Australia outputs 409,000 Kt of CO2 out of the worlds 35,669,000 Kt or 1.15%. If Australia disappeared tomorrow it wouldn't do shit for global CO2, so your per capita measurement is useless. Statistically Australia cannot affect global CO2, but let's fuck those Aussie's anyway, right? Accepting you already think CO2 is THE control knob of everything and that we can control it at all. How much of the global CO2 is that man made 36 Gt, 5%?? So the other 700 Gt is natural? But you know exactly how much CO2 there SHOULD BE..... Can someone please start making some sense?

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