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Comment Re:Nuclear economics (Score 1) 342

For those seeking some figures:

Interesting to note that wind power seems more competitive than I had thought - all the estimates seem to show onshore wind is cheaper than, or as cheap as, nuclear power. However, solar appears to be considerably more expensive than wind or nuclear.

Comment Re:Interesting Favorites Chosen (Score 1) 610

Well almost everyone is getting richer (adjusted for inflation), with the richest making the greatest gains. More importantly though, more and more people all over the world are moving out of poverty. Add to that the increasing social freedoms around the world. Many problems, including excessive inequality in wealth (or power/influence), are solvable. It's overly pessimistic to simply resign ourselves to a "bleak, dystopian police state" considering things are (in general) better than they've ever been. Personally, I think our main concern should be climate change.

Comment Re:Interesting Favorites Chosen (Score 1) 610

It looks like the smart guys at NASA agree with many of us 'dotters that the future is going to be a bleak, dystopian police state where the richer get richer and the poor eat noodles off the street.

Really? Despite all the long-term shifts up to this point that have been in the opposite direction? It seems you've succumbed to pessimism rather too easily.

Comment Re:Remove the artificial monopoly (Score 1, Flamebait) 299

'Flamebait' != 'Disagree'. The parent makes a valid point. There's no reason for people living in towns/cities to subsidise those who choose to live in rural areas, by monopoly, taxes or otherwise. Also, encouraging people to live in larger settlements is both an economically and environmentally sound suggestion.

GPS Receiver Noise Can Be Used To Detect Snow Depth 51

cremeglace writes "Scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder have found a use for GPS besides finding restaurants or the occasional road-that-doesn't-exist: it can be used to measure snow depth. The new technique, which takes advantage of distortions of the GPS signal after it reflects off the snowpack, may potentially improve weather forecasts by allowing meteorologists to track snowfall patterns. ScienceNOW has the story, which one geophysicist describes as 'a classical case of one person's noise becoming another person's signal.'"

Submission + - Pirate Party being founded in Australia too... (

johnoes writes: "Australia says me too, mates. "Founded on the same principles as other International Pirate Parties, it is part of a global movement against increasingly draconian copyright and patent laws, and the erosion of the right to privacy. The basic tenets of this movement are Free Culture, Civil Liberty and Intellectual Rights Reform.""
PC Games (Games)

SOE Also Making a New Star Wars MMOG? 49

Hand Solo writes 'Ten Ton Hammer has an inside scoop on SOE making a new browser-based MMOG based on Star Wars. Rumor is that it will be run on the Free Realms platform. This is generating a lot of buzz around the net. Quoting: 'Former and current Star Wars Galaxies players can still remember the sting of the 'New Game Experience' that changed the face of that game for everyone. SOE has repeatedly said that they have learned from their mistakes, and plan to not repeat them. If SOE isn't expressly targeting the hardcore segment this time around, they (unlike BioWare) won't have quite the same initial level of expectations to deal with. Don't let us give you the impression that SOE plans to take on BioWare, and their highly anticipated MMOG debut, The Old Republic, particularly given the engine the game is rumored to be based on. More plausible is that it will be based off the Clone Wars CGI animated film, offering a more stylized approach to the universe. "

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