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Comment Calm down, it's just the name of a web page (Score 0) 241

Yes, there was a link to a web page with the word "Ubuntu" in the name of the URL, but what does that mean?
It means someone posted a link to Age of Ultron on a page that they sneakily called "Ubuntu 12.04".
I'm guessing the title of the page is not-so-clever misdirection.
I'm not a fan of the DMCA, but this article doesn't mean a darn thing wrong has happened.

Comment Re:Compromise (Score 1) 585

LoL! Thanks. I suppose I should have added emphasis with italics or bold or maybe even _faux underline_. Sometimes, I just like SHOUTING! *shrug*

It didn't seem worth replying to the AC directly. This isn't a technical nuance, this is a large security hole in iOS. I'm glad the FBI is calling Apple out on it so Apple might be forced (by consumer demand) to actually close their lousy backdoor!

Comment Re:Compromise (Score 1) 585

The user's data is encrypted, but the OS is not. I do not have personal knowledge, but this is Schneier's article on the issue:

Sure, Schneier could be mistaken, but barring other evidence I'm willing to accept his analysis. My opinion, FWIW, of what Apple should do in regards to this court order hinges on whether or not the devices can be updated without being unlocked. To be clear, I'm not talking about a remote exploit and user interaction is not an issue, the device user now is the FBI. The question is if the OS can be updated without unlocking the phone and the answer to that seems to be "yes."

Comment Re:Compromise (Score 2) 585

Apple may not be able to unlock this phone, but as was said in another article on /., Apple CAN update iOS on the device without user interaction.

The back door is ALREADY THERE.

The FBI is just calling Apple out on that fact and asking for a change in the code from "if attempts > 10 then wipe" to "if attempts != attempts then wipe". the FBI will do the unlocking from there.

Comment Re:Children behave (Score 3, Funny) 311

That's what they say when we share torrents
And you should have paid
They don't understand
And so we download just as much as we can
Getting songs sung by our favorite band
Trying to not to pay for copyrights
And then you type into the search box and we look for the new sounds
And then you say "I think I'm a pirate, here's a tune that was released early today."
"I think I'm a pirate, I hope I don't get caught by the RIAA."

With apologies to Tommy James and The Shondells, Tiffany, Girls Aloud, and all of you...

Comment Re:Immune? (Score 3, Insightful) 134

Considering what many websites consider "working" to be, "breaking" many sites IS the win.
I use noscript all the time, easily whitelist the few sites I WANT to "work" and things work so much better.
I get on a computer without noscript and I am astonished by all the cruft that passes for content. Use noscript for a week and you won't go back.

Comment Re:Pull the disk (Score 1) 466

So use the old machine to power the drive up if you don't have the power connector for it. Like a jumper cable. Open the old machine and set it next to the new one. USB adapter to the new computer, power from the old. The old computer will just sit there failing to find a boot drive, and you don't have to open the new one up. An adapter as suggested is the best way to go.

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