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Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 656

It wouldn't use anywhere near hundreds of dollars worth of material to print just one gun. But you're right, the whole thing is WAY overblown. The cover of the NY post spoke of "terror concerns" with these weapons. Really? A gun that can fire maybe one 22 caliber round that probably isn't even accurate and takes thousands of dollars worth of equipment to produce? A gun that could very likely blow up in your hand when you fire it? I'm more concerned that the government will try to regulate 3D printing.

Comment Depends on the bitrate. (Score 1) 749

I have a decent sound system in my car and if the bitrate on a lossy compression is high enough, I can't tell the difference. I'd say 192 KBps and above and I'm good. Streaming Pandora on the same audio system is very "tinny" and I can definitely tell the difference. I still think that a high quality digital system is better than vinyl, even though I might be considered the audiophile's version of the antichrist for saying that. Our ears just aren't as good as we think they are, especially when we get older. Digital audio has the potential to sound exactly the same from one playback to the next, whereas vinyl doesn't.

Comment Re:CO-OP (Score 2) 884

Since he set up an "evil twin" to trick the OP into connecting to it, I doubt free internet is all the attacker is after. It's probably a bored teenager. Connect to it and then start downloading the latest top 10 pop hits MP3's from thepiratebay and seed the shit out of them. If he tries to hack your network, WPA is actually pretty secure if you use a strong enough password. Or you could just let him connect but redirect his web traffic to or

Comment Cross contamination is a possability. (Score 2) 533

Grocery store worker here.. When a customer has their own bags, they usually want us to fill them to capacity and that means putting their raw meat in with their other food. When we use plastic, we bag their meat separate unless the customer requests otherwise (they usually don't). Also, some people never wash or clean their bags. I've put food into bags that reeked of cat piss, were littered with animal fur (cats love to sleep/hide in them), or were infested with insects so it doesn't surprise me that people are getting sick.

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