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Comment Re:Actual product link: (Score 1) 245

What makes you think the iphone's frontend will be "nice"? It really seems to me that its going to requrie juggling of the highest order just to perform simple task.

I'm waiting to see how it pans out, but the irrational exuberance surrounding the iphone is probably leading to one of the biggest tech let-downs of the year.

Outside of the 'must-have' cache it has in some circles, I just dont see it hitting like the ipod. There are a dozen cell manufacturers that can eat Apple's lunch overnight -- trying to bring emotion based branding to the technology market isnt the recipe for long term technology-industry success.

Comment Pornography (Score 5, Interesting) 1050

I had originally thought of it jokingly, but I've discovered I'm quite serious about it. Human sexuality is a fascinatingly nuanced subject and nothing is really more intimate to our nature as a species. Sexual drive has been the drive behind technologies in the past and continues to be in certain areas. We've been waiting for it to realise itself in the vapourware technologies of the present for quite a while. Where will it be in 30 years and, perhaps even more interestingly, what will society make of it? Radical feminism and religious moralism have critiqued it in the past and continue to do so, but the proponents of a liberal treatment of pornography on the one hand and the political critics of sexual indulgence on the other are in something of a state of détente at present in the mainstream (the words of Andrea Dworkin and the teachings of Leviticus have little say in the current popular western point of view on sexuality). Will pornography or its related technologies ever be as 'good as the real thing' as technology and immersivity march on and, if so, will we decide that the real thing, ultimately, can only be real if we believe it to be genuinely so, as pornography itself by definition is not? I'll be interested to see.
User Journal

Journal Journal: apple screed

Apple && OSX are Lame Ducks

MS Ownes chunk of apple, to A) keep them alive && B) make them play nice

MS keeps them playing off MS's homecourt and in the margins (publishers, technology-as-art-kooks etc) long as they intend to keep their revenue from hardware and not the MS-unfriendly OS arena, MS will leave them alone - they have an non-competitive arrangment of some kind (maybe informally, but effective)

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