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Comment In your face? (Score 1) 109

Your words make sense, but when you criticise His actions you indeed support the system (which is bad) by not committing yourself to a serious position against the bad,horrible system (because you can just brush that aside for the sake of some leftist ideal like how everyone deserves to live (like glen beck)). You can't separate the good from the bad -- unless, of course, you want to get laid and get paid. The system will appreciate such weakness. The system appreciates the same weakness in the women,children of conquered nations (hint: they are less likely to try to stop Your attempts to 'stabilize' their region and bomb it with Your democracy). Not everyone is okay with being a domesticated dog. Soon, when the population of more 'intelligent people' (i.e., those who are not willing to hand the world over to you excessive progeny) increases, it will no longer be possible for the system that you support to effectively handle dissent individually. When that happens, the human race evolutionary experiment will be complete.

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