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No iPhone Apps, Please — We're British 393

GMGruman writes "The BBC has stirred up quite a row in Britain about a shocking use of taxpayer funds: creating iPhone apps to provide citizens services. As InfoWorld blogger Galen Gruman notes, it's apparently bad in Britain for the government to use modern technology during a recession, a mentality he likens as a shift from 'cool Britannia' to 'fool Britannia.'"

Comment Re:You can do it canada! (Score 1) 211

It sure is hard with the pop culture brainwash to resist American lobbyists, they have pretty much dictated Americas policies, and are trying their best to pressure us up here. Too bad our current leader is a puppet for them. Maybe we should have a non-biased computer distribute wealth evenly, but no one would agree to it.

Oh well, there is a reason why I am supporting the Pirate Party of Canada, I want to sail the digital seas freely.

Comment Re:3...2...1... Wake up! (Score 1) 617

Thanks for the kudos, and for not being a grammar nazi. One thing I am noticing online is that everyone is talking about the ipad, which is exactly what Apple wants. They have created THE internet appliance, and some people might just be pissed that it has seemingly been pulled off so well. I personally don't plan on owning one, I had been looking at the HP slate for a while but instead decided any large touch device is currently not suitible for me. Now I have the Motorola Milestone, and it does everything I need it to do, and I can continue to add functionality. Apple is going to fill the niche that the general populace wasn't aware they even needed; a customizable and above all stable mobile experience.

Comment Re:Times like this (Score 1) 265

I'm going to have to agree with Fluffeh on this one.

What you just said is just like what is happening now in Iran. I can point and laugh at them for having a dictator who refuses to be reasonable, or I can choose to support the civilians who refuse to accept his leadership.

Here, someone has to put the SEC in its place.

Comment Re:It all becomes clear... (Score 1) 256

Shit, don't scare me like that. If you've thought of it, and I've thought of it, maybe it's already happening. I wish I knew of a way to stop this totalitarian regime from taking over.

If only the war would be at the front door. Instead, our youth are being brainwashed to be the dumbest yet, so they won't see it coming.

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