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Submission + - Tenth annual AusCERT conference kicks off ( 1

lukehopewell1 writes: "The tenth annual AusCERT (Australian Computer Emergency Response Team) conference kicks off today in Queensland, Australia, touting appearances from Microsoft, Telstra, Rio Tinto and founder of Kaspersky Labs, Eugene Kaspersky,

See a video wrap up of AusCERT conferences in the years gone by, complete with laughs, interviews, old-timey newscasts and that time IBM gave out USB drives laden with malware. True story."


Submission + - Ugly Truth of Space Junk ( 2

fysdt writes: "Dealing with the decades of detritus from using outer space — human-made orbital debris — is a global concern, but some experts are now questioning the feasibility of the wide range of "solutions" sketched out to grapple with high-speed space litter.

What may be shaping up is an "abandon in place" posture for certain orbital altitudes — an outlook that flags the messy message resulting from countless bits of orbital refuse.

U.S. General William Shelton, commander of Air Force Space Command, underscored the worrisome issue of orbital debris during a presentation at the National Space Symposium on April 12, 2011.

In a recent conference here, Gen. William Shelton, commander of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, relayed his worries about rising amounts of human-made space junk."


Submission + - Facebook caught exposing millions of credentials (

fysdt writes: "Facebook has leaked photographs, profiles and other personal information for millions of its users because of a years-old bug that overrides individual privacy settings, researchers from Symantec said.

The flaw, which the researchers estimate has affected hundreds of thousands of applications, exposed user access tokens to advertisers and others. The tokens serve as a spare set of keys that Facebook apps use to perform certain actions on behalf of the user, such as posting messages to a Facebook wall or sending RSVP replies to invitations. For years, many apps that rely on an older form of user authentication turned over these keys to third parties, giving them the ability to access information users specifically designated as off limits."

Submission + - 'Great Mayan Treasure Hunt' Finds Merely Outrage (

Velcroman1 writes: A German expedition team assembled to find a lost $290 million Maya treasure allegedly submerged underneath Guatemala's Lake Izabal has returned home empty-handed, but controversy continues to grow over the treasure adventure and its motives.

Joachim Rittstieg, a retired 74-year-old mathematician claiming to have deciphered the famous Dresden Codex, a 400-year-old Mayan book, says he discovered information on page 52 leading to "a giant treasure of eight tons of pure gold" in Lake Izabal. He left Germany with a group of scientists and journalists in early March on a mission funded and exclusively covered by German newspaper BILD.

However, the hunt for Mayan gold turned up empty. In fact the only artifact found on the trip was a pot located on the northern shore of Lake Izabal.


Submission + - Creepy Stalking App Explained by Author ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Creepy, a package described as a 'geolocation information aggregator,' is turning heads in privacy circles, but should people be worried? Yiannis Kakavas explains why he developed his scary stalking application.

Creepy is a software package for Linux or Windows — with a Mac OS X port in the works — that aims to gather public information on a targeted individual via social networking services in order to pinpoint their location. It's remarkably efficient at its job, even in its current early form, and certainly lives up to its name when you see it in use for the first time.


Submission + - Google +1 For More Than Search Results (

louismg writes: "Google introduced its social recommendations tool, +1, this morning, aimed to tidy search results for your social graph. But the product's intro video says soon you can +1 pages from around the entire Web, and you can already add your shares to your Google Profile."

Submission + - WikiLeaks, a lesson for security admins ( 1

nickh01uk writes: No data, no matter how carefully guarded, is ever truly safe. Now that the dust has settled and the hype has dissipated, the guys over at the 360 security blog have attempted to provide some advice to security admins on keeping their jobs in the brave new WikiLeaks world.

Submission + - Wind-Powered Vehicle Crosses the Entire Australia (

thecarchik writes: It may not be the most practical of designs, but a German duo recently succeeded in crossing Australia in a wind-powered car. They set records for longest distance traveled in such a vehicle, as well as a 36-hour distance record and others.

The car, which weighs only 200 kilograms, has small lithium-ion batteries that are charged overnight by a turbine erected on a bamboo tower. With this fantastic achievement on the wind front, scientists predictions of 80% green energy use before 2050 or even 2030 becomes ever more likely.

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