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Comment nothing better to do....... (Score 2, Insightful) 110

Of course, ISPs' employees have nothing better to do than to notify ~90% of their customers their computers have malware. It boggles my mind the ideas that people come up with (sopa/pipa/acta, logging all connections, etc.) and try to implement about monitoring the Internet with little or no thought to the logistics or funding of their stupid ideas.....

Comment Re:Too fast ! (Score 1) 449

I agree, Unity sucks, didn't like gnome 3, gnome 2 was great, Ubuntu was great until they killed Gnome2. Yea, I know I can install gnome 2 on Ubuntu still, but I seriously lost interest in using Ubuntu when they took something away I used for years, at least let us choose.

My advice is go to Linux Mint 12, based on Ubuntu and has a choice between Gnome3, Gnome2, and MATE. I'm actually using MATE and like it pretty well, it took a little tweaking to get to my liking, but is pretty good. I am still hoping Ubuntu will see the light and give us a choice, which includes Gnome2. I understand the ease of searching for a program for newer users, but for us old schoolers who know where are programs are and have been using menus for years, please leave the option in there.

Comment Re:No confidence. (Score 1) 179

That is exactly what I expressed to my representatives, they haven't thought SOPA/PIPA out. Hollywood said we need this, here's $$$ for all of you, please pass it, not one thought was given to the people/companies that will have to implement it. What about the costs to the ISP, time, new equipment, labor - you can't just blocking 1000's of sites/IPs without someone adding them, memory and processor power to store and process. What about all the ways it can easily be gotten around?

My senator stated he was worried about the substantial negative impact of online piracy. I suggested he should be more worried about the substantial negative impact Congress' spending is having on this country. Piracy won't stop from SOPA/PIPA, I'd bet it picks up if passed. Just like the war on drugs has done little to impact drug use/sales, SOPA/PIPA will have very little affect on piracy.

The clause in SOPA about endangering the public's health, was just to get the money and support of the pharmaceuticals behind the bill. This bill needs to go away, not be amended.

Comment Re:Comparisons like this don't mean squat... (Score 1) 702


I don't use AD in my company, nor have I attempted to implement it in the way you seem to be using it. A brief search returned this though it is a couple of years old and might not be relevant to your situation. I have had linux computers in a domain with windows computers, just not as extensively as you seem to be using. Linux might not be a viable option in your environment, perhaps you might want to try it and see on a test machine. Sorry didn't have a more definite answer.

Comment Re:Comparisons like this don't mean squat... (Score 1) 702

As the IT Director in a company of about 50 desktops/laptops I did exactly that- installed Ubuntu on a couple of managers' (not computer savvy users) computers. ~2 years ago I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on their computers, converting them from XP. Haven't heard a complaint or had any major issue. Their main apps are web/email/documents/spreadsheets and a terminal program into the billing system.

Not only have they not had any problems, they had little to no trouble adjusting. They interact with all of our external suppliers/vendors/salespeople in sending and receiving Word and Excel using Open Office. Almost every other computer in this company has had malware/virus/rootkit problems of some sort (all XP machines).

So not only have I saved the company money on Windows/Office licensing, I also reduced downtime from the potential of malware. As computers are replaced here I'm replacing them with Ubuntu everywhere possible.

Don't be afraid and maybe give Ubuntu a try (or other nix distro) in your organization(s) (and before you flame me, yes I understand that many companies use Windows only software, so you are excluded, there are many organizations that only need web/email/docs/speadsheets/pdfs).

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