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Submission + - Designers, Architects Celebrate 25 Years of CAD (wired.com)

scott3778 writes: "On Thursday, Nov. 15, AutoCAD — and the company that created it — celebrate their 25th anniversary. During the past quarter-century, much has changed in the computer-aided drafting world. And while Carol Bartz's famous "If God didn't create it, AutoCAD did" catch phrase isn't as true today as it was 15 years ago, Autodesk can still claim credit for bringing CAD to the masses."

Submission + - How Will Apple Spend its $15 Billion in Cash? (wired.com)

scott3778 writes: "The cash coffers are overflowing at Apple these days. While Silicon Valley is abuzz over the fact that social-networking startup Facebook is now worth $15 billion on paper, Cupertino-based Apple has at least that much money — $15.4 billion to be exact — in real, spendable cash. What's a company to do will all that scrilla? http://www.wired.com/techbiz/it/news/2007/11/apple_cash"

Submission + - Intel Talks Gourmet Jams and Parallel Programming (wired.com)

scott3778 writes: "Over at Intel's Research Blog, Timothy Mattson has a phenomenal post today about what he calls "the single most important paper for programming language designers" and how it relates to the new era of multi-core processors now upon us. Basically, Mattson's post argues that the semi-famous academic study, "When Choice is Demotivating: Can One Desire too Much of a Good Thing?" scribed by two social psychology professors back in 2000 is far more relevant to hardware companies today than anything written by a computer scientist or mathematician. To his credit, he makes a darn good case for this."

Submission + - Alienware Laptop Adds Dual Graphics Cards (pcmag.com)

scott3778 writes: "With dual 512-Mbyte Nvidia Geforce Go 7950 GTX graphics cards plus Intel's Core 2 Duo processor, Alienware said on Tuesday that its Area-51 m9750 will be the first high-end 17-inch laptop to combine Nvidia SLI technology and Intel Core 2 Duo processors."

Submission + - Qualcomm Plays Nice, Signs License with Siano (extremetech.com)

scott3778 writes: "Amid all the patent litigation flying back and forth between the likes of Broadcom, Nokia, and Qualcomm, a rare preemptory agreement was forged on Tuesday between Siano Mobile Silicon and Qualcomm. Siano, an Israeli company that makes silicon receivers for the mobile television market, and Qualcomm — who recently lost a $19.6 million patent battle with its rival, Broadcom, signed a royalty-free agreement on Tuesday that will allow Siano to use elements of Qualcomm's technologies to design, manufacture, and sell semiconductor chips that use the company's forward link only (FLO) technology."

Submission + - Piecing Together the iPhone Apps Puzzle (pcmag.com)

scott3778 writes: "Pulling together clues from reports, executive statements, and comments from the man Jobs himself, we can get a faint picture of what the future of third party development on the iPhone will be like. From the phantom twelfth app that may have slipped into a teaser ad, to the big questions of whether or not the phone will be completely or partially open for third-party software, we're just a bit closer to getting our answers. This article exhaustively looks at all pieces of the puzzle."

Submission + - Xerox Develops New Way to Print Invisible Ink

scott3778 writes: "Xerox said on Wednesday that its scientists have perfected a new method for printing hidden fluorescent wording using standard digital printing equipment. According to the company, the discovery paves the way for customers and businesses alike to add an additional layer of security to commonly printed materials such as checks, tickets, coupons, and other high-value documents. The hidden fluorescent words and letters show up only under ultraviolet light, said Reiner Eschbach, a research fellow in the Xerox Innovation Group, and the co-inventor of the patented process. What's more, the method for printing them doesn't require the use of special fluorescent inks. http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1697,2138431 ,00.asp"

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