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Comment Re:Fallacious argument (Score 1) 69

First: You can't read Second: There is apparetnly a update to the HD DVD drive for the 360 sometime next year. Being in teh HD DVD industry i know this is a good thing for compatablity, cuase the 360 is a horrible HD DVD player, but perhaps they might be using this to create support for HD DVD game titles too! What is the limitation of why they can't play titles right now off that drive? Is it only software or is it hardware issues?
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Submission + - PS3: To 60GB or not to 60GB, that is the question! (

scolen2 writes: With Sony's announcement that they have shipped all remaining 60GB playstions there is one very importaint question. To buy a 60GB PS3 or wait for the new revision. Since the 60GB is the last that contains the emotion chip, no further PS3s will have close to 100% backwards compatability, however i've heard these games look horrible since they aren't anti-aliased when scaled up to HD. So could the new software emulated PS3s look better, and will there be enough support of past games to make it worth waiting?

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