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Comment Re:pfsense (Score 1) 403

However, I don't understand the blatant systemd misrepresentation/hatred

About 80% of the hatred comes from the bandwagon effect. I'll bet the vast majority of the haters have no idea who Poettering, only he's some bad guy we have to hate. The other 20% of the hate comes from graybeard sys admins who know the unique file formats of the 1000 different config utilities Linux has traditionally had and are either afraid to learn anything new or afraid that they might not be so indispensable at their jobs.

What systemd does is give a single consistent way of configuring the system. You want security nightmare, how about the 1000's of freaking shell scripts that call each other in a giant mass of spaghetti to configure a traditional Linux system.

One of the great benefits of systemd is that it is written in C and not a giant mess of shell scripts. With C, you actually get COMPILE TIME CHECKING. With these dammed shell scripts, you have no idea if they work up until they run, and you have no idea what execution path they could go through. Shell scripts are fine a glue code for user programs, but give me something with some static checking like C for critical components.

Have you actually looked at any of these shell scripts? The largest one in F14 is less that 400 lines and they are all straight forward to read. Where is the tangled mess and when have they ever not worked for you?

Comment Re:ACA was supposed to insure 42 million (Score 1) 723

Good luck on getting your homeowners to pay - what is your deductible. What is your limit on you car ins. It better be big it is nothing to run up a 100,000.00 bill at a hospital. In florida at HCA hospitals if you get taken to a "Trauma" center for being in an accident it is 30,000.00 the moment you come thru the door and that doesn't even cover any care.

Comment Re:Politics as usuall (Score 1) 723

Why is it a bad thing. My kids would have no insurance if they couldn't have been on my insurance for the last 5 yrs. You say you had pre-existing conditions but if you maintained your insurance then you couldn't be turned down going from one company to another, oh and Drs don't care about pre-existing conditions only the insurers do!

Comment Re:Read the comments first. (Score 1) 93

The comments at the end of the CISCO article flush out the fact that they noticed a line of malicious javascript at the end of a large number of .js files but they have no idea how it got there.

In fact the list of JS files given include many that are not even running on Linux servers.

The author is irresponsible at best, and incompetent at worst...

You are absolutely correct. I am appalled that /. even posted this with the title they used.

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