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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How would you get a software startup going? ( 1

ben-hnb writes: I'm a developer — and I love the idea of running, or being early in, a startup. But I've got no 'business' experience. Everyone seems to want to get on the startup incubator train — the latest UK model I've seen, Launchpad, would even train (MA!) and support me financially for a year whilst developing initial product. This just one in a long list of different models, from the famous Y-Combinator 3-month model to the 500 Startups 4-month seed program and simple co-working spaces with a bit of help, like Launch 22.

If you wanted to get a startup going, where would you go first and why? Or would you just strike out in your bedroom / garage?

Comment Snowden lacks Integrity, Loyalty, and Dignity (Score 1) 375

My intent was to compare Edward Snowden breaking the law, oaths, and contractual obligations to something as mundane as broken wedding vows. I was reminded that broken wedding vows are usually limited in scope, mostly family, finance, and emotions. Snowden's crimes involve several nations and organizations, and an inestimable number of loyal government employeesl Not accepting responsibility for his actions and decisions, he ran and hid. He interviews like the well rehearsed sociopath in this week's murder/crime thriller. I deleted megalomaniac. NO PARDON for Edward Snowden.

Comment Julian Assange MAN-UP! (Score 1) 496

Bradley Manning faced his accusers. Julian Assange's sex crimes case have nothing to do with free speech, or Wikileaks. Julian Assange is running away from his accusers to avoid a two-year-old Swedish rape and sexual molestation accusations, NOT a U.S. government investigation.

Comment Data Compression (Score 1) 504

Sounds like number of emails is unlimited, just size of each email is limited to 1 MByte.

Send select pictures embedded in email. Save rest to snail mail or email from Internet cafe.

Test your website thoroughly before you leave.

100 minutes disappear if you are not organized. Use these minutes sparingly.

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