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Comment Re:Something is wrong (Score 1) 311

If it was as easy as you make it sound, the Forbes 400 would be full of the 5th and 6th generations of 19th century industrialists.

There are 0 Carnegies, 0 Crockers, 0 Flaglers, 0 Morgans, 0 Stanfords, and 0 Vanderbilts. There is 1 Rockefeller.

There are a few 1st generations of mid 20th century industrialists, like Waltons, but history shows they won't be on the list in 100 years.

Comment Re:Math (Score 1) 576

While the electoral college margin seems large, It's still smaller then normal. Since Alaska and Hawaii became states, this is the 6th closest, and two that were closer had electoral votes split 3 ways. The closer ones were both of Bush Jrs, Carter, Nixon, and Kennedy.

Since 1960, the mean electoral votes for the victor is 382 and the median is 367

Comment Re:Find someone to help (Score 1) 239

Ray Kroc sold restaurant equipment, which made him enough money that he could pay 2.7 million to buy McDonalds.

Walmart was Sam Walton's 3rd store brand. The first he was a franchisee, and was so successful that his license wasn't renewed. He then bought a store, and was very successful. Walmart was founded after that.

Comment Re:It should've had a parade (Score 1) 57

The two largest parades in the country, the Rose Parade and the Macy's parade both take place on streets that are 60 feet wide, which isn't nearly wide enough for the shuttle. The only route that would have been wide enough for both the shuttle and a lot of spectators would have been a freeway, which would have incurred significant risk getting the shuttle onto the freeway.

Even without the ticker tape treatment, a million people still viewed it along the route.

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