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Comment Re:Dying from lack of surprise... (Score 1) 765

From the European point of view... The whole idea of rebellion and revolting seems so old. It was part of an earlier, uglier world. The thing you should never have, is a war inside your own borders. That's bad, m'kay? Americans are luckly enough not to have had it happen in a long time. And that's good. My guess is, a real armed revolution in the US would set you back about 50 years and you would never ever regain the status of super power. I might twist the saying to "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep discussing what's for dinner, in a welfare state the wolves are domesticated to puppies". Usually this is good. The problem is, two puppies and a sheep are defenseless when a bear enters the arena.

Comment Re:Irrelevant, reduce government, reduce corruptio (Score 1) 270

Coming from Finland, I could say that the tiered government is a pretty good idea. Ours is a BIG one though. And by no means libertarian. We have been ranked pretty high on the list of least corrupt nations. Unfortunately, things are changing. I used to sit on the library board. As there are only few people involved and small sums of money, it is difficult to get away with corruption and waste. And it is a cheap system as these people are volunteers. The problem we have (or had) was that for a small country we had too many tiers. For five million people we had (I am using rough equivalents here) towns, districts, counties plus others for medical care or military... And these latter ones are not cheap. Luckily, we are getting rid of some of these. The thing that works with libertarians (in my opinion) is that there is less someone else's money to play around with. There are some downsides though.

Comment Re:As someone who loves games... (Score 1) 47

I definitely don't say that F2P games are in some sense inherently flawed. Somehow people think that when you can play the game for free it should involve money in no way. This is strange as traditionally games used to cost money to even start with. And a lot of money usually. Then again, I agree with you on most games. Basically all social games at least.

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