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Comment Traffic Furniture (Score 3, Informative) 611

We have the same problem where I live (spoiler: not LA), and the solution is pretty easy. Traffic furniture (aka concrete obsticles in the road) and anti-traffic flow patterns both work very well. Make it hard to get through your neighborhood (lots of 1 ways and blocked roads) for people trying to parallel the 405 & your traffic problems go away. Of course, work with your city government to make this happen.

Comment What could possibly go wrong... (Score 3, Funny) 66

Fred: Dude, where's your car?
Sam: I don't know - I parked it hear like 2 hours ago.
Fred: Did you patch against the latest virus they found?
Sam: What?
Fred: Yeah, it caused the batteries to eat all the metal parts.
Sam: Crap.
Fred: Now if only you could download a copy of the car...

Comment Upgradability, replaceability & interchangabil (Score 4, Insightful) 173

Technology is moving very fast. State of the art today won't be in 5 year. I would want a system that I could disconnect the replacement part(s) and connect up new ones without surgery. This also allows for custom limbs for specific tasks. Holding a brush may be a custom limb. I may also want a custom chainsaw arm, too.

I want flexibility for change & all the specifications for the mating connector to my body to be open source or license/patent free so I can have custom limbs made. I want a copy of the specs for the same reason.

Comment Basic services are often free over the air (Score 2) 328

Get a pair of digital rabbit ears - you should be able to pick up many local channels (which is what it sounds like you want). Depending on where you live, a TV antenna either out doors, or in your attic might solve the problem. Then you can pretty much cut the cable completely - and still be legal.

Alternatively, look for other (smaller) providers. I have family that lives in an area where there is one big cable company, and 2 or three much smaller companies that offer very similar & competitive products.

Comment Re:Honest Question (Score 2) 946

Being open about drivers for the hardware that is made up of your IP is very different then needing to open their hardware up. This is a subtle but important detail. It is completely reasonable to have an open interface to a closed piece of hardware.

Personally, I was fed-up enough with the hacky, buggy nvidia linux drivers to switch hardware to intel graphics.

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