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Comment Re:I made the point earlier (Score 1) 106

Open source is different in that anyone peeved about some missing or unfriendly feature can implement it. You do not need to become an official committer; just put your patch on the mailing list and it is likely to be picked up and integrated.

Open source is different in that people generally strive to build the best software they can; there is no management saying "This is good enough; we're not going to bother with feature/problem X", or worse, as in this case, "there is no problem X".

Comment Re:Critical (Score 1) 262

I am wondering if Apple has some sort of patent on using multitouch in a UI which is preventing other phones from implementing it without getting a license from them.

Case in point: The Motorola Droid (Android 2.0) has multitouch in Europe (where it is called Milestone), but apparently not in the US.

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