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Comment Re:So what does it do? (Score 1) 159

You think ATI and NVIDIA write the code for DirectX. Even if they do they are source sharing with Microsoft. Send some the other way. I may not write the drivers, but I guarantee the ones that have been reversed engineered by the FOSS guys will work a hell of a lot better. FYI your link doesn't say that NVIDIA or ATI give Microsoft money, but it wouldn't surprise me, everyone does in some way.

Comment Re:Nightmare (Score 1) 159

Its because the nature of the beast. The cards can do whatever they need to basically fill a Width * Height * 32 (color scheme) chunk of memory with numbers. That is the part that never changes. Now how to tell the card to complete this is ever changing. First all you could do was tell the cards to draw lines and fill pixels (pixel shaders). Now you can tell them to do this on 100+ shaders at once. Also you have more and more 3D math occurring on the cards instead of on the processor. This may not seem like a lot, but people on slashdot are still debating 4 line chunks of code from the Quake http://games.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/12/01/184205 engine. As much as anyone may want to assume about graphics programming, it is still be invented and ever more creative ways of solving problems are being discovered.

Comment Re:So what does it do? (Score 1) 159

The flaw is neither company will release their specs to the open source community, but they will release it to anyone who pays. All they have to do is tell us how the damn parts work and we'll write the driver. Instead they hide behind the need to protect their company from the competitor. What do you think ATI and NVidia do all day. Not reverse engineer each others cards? Right.

MIT Offers Picture-Centric Programming To the Masses With Sikuli 154

coondoggie writes "Computer users with rudimentary skills will be able to program via screen shots rather than lines of code with a new graphical scripting language called Sikuli that was devised at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With a basic understanding of Python, people can write programs that incorporate screen shots of graphical user interface (GUI) elements to automate computer work. One example given by the authors of a paper about Sikuli is a script that notifies a person when his bus is rounding the corner so he can leave in time to catch it." Here's a video demo of the technology, and a paper explaining the concept (PDF).

Comment Re:Perl has died in industry. (Score 2, Informative) 235

Perl hasn't died. Cpan is one of the most active community and is the largest gathering of usable, open source code available on the net. Show anything that compares to this in the Python, Ruby, PHP realm and I'll shut up, but until you can provide me a CPAN replacement in another language why would you want to change languages.

Comment Re:IE (Score 1) 236

Who cares if they know. These are the same people that click yes to everything they see and perpetuate viruses and malware (and make for long days for sys admins). So google made an add on for a browser that changes the experience on some websites. It brought open source code to people who are stuck on the big blue E and will make the lives of people making standards compliant javascript easier. How many of you refuse to install Flash and Java because it changes the browsing experience... that what I thought. Everyone has jumped on the youtube wagon and that code is *not* free. So google made a plugin, and it make their shit work faster. And they made it available for all to use. You don't have to put it on your website and you don't have to install it.

Comment Re:No Wai !! (Score 1) 515

But if enough people whine to Blizzard, then Blizzard may wish to work companies that produce products like Cedega to make there applications available for use anywhere. I guarantee that Blizzard is more interested in making money than anything, so why wouldn't they fix it if enough people whined.

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