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Comment Re:Oh wonderful (Score 1) 77

Yeah, keeping it short can be pretty difficult sometimes. It's a useful skill to have. For example when you need to tell someone something without wasting much time, like when you are in a hurry.

One time I wrote a long email to someone. And they only skimmed it and then asked questions that were directly answered in the email.

Ever since, I've been keeping my messages short so no one can claim that their pet piece of information was not included in my email. For example, that one time someone asked a really stupid question, and I thought the shortest possible way to answer would be to call the guy a moron. It was very effective. I have no doubt that the guy understood every word in my email. Despite being a moron.

Calling people morons isn't very good either, however. I once called a guy a moron, and he wasn't too happy about it. I could see it in his facial expression. It's good to be able to read facial expressions. He also came running after me, which I would have understood even if I hadn't read his expression though.

So to summarize: under many circumstances it might be better to keep it short rather than long, because people might misunderstand you otherwise, but there is a fine line between a good concise statement and insulting people.

Thank you for your attention. Please also read my previous comment about the meaning of life.

Comment Also, Tokyo? (Score 1) 253

55% of all workers have a commute that takes longer than one hour according to this article: http://toyokeizai.net/articles...
Direct link to info graphic: http://tk.ismcdn.jp/mwimgs/4/0... (maybe you can sort of read it without speaking Japanese)
Based on personal experience and the fact that tech workers don't get paid all that much, this is unlikely to be much different for tech workers. 24 minutes is _maybe_ possible for people who work at Rakuten, which recently moved to the Kanagawa-prefecture border of Tokyo.
(Note: I just recently moved far away from Tokyo to Shimane because of the long commute times.)

Comment Re:this isn't a backdoor as such.. (Score 1) 255

Here's some more relevant information: http://blog.trailofbits.com/20...
The person who wrote this article quotes what exactly the FBI is wanting Apple to do, claims that Apple is very well capable of complying with the order, even if it were a 5S or later, and that the FBI should be able to get up to one code test per 80 ms.

Comment Re:Techy drone-boners must stop. (Score 3, Interesting) 208

Graffiti is a huge problem in Germany. All the graffiti is really embarrassing when I'm in Berlin with people from abroad.
Less graffiti probably means more tourists and less service outages because the train you were supposed to take is currently being cleaned, so there you get your tax dollars right back. (Not to mention that getting caught means you have to foot the bill for the removal of your graffiti, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to get you to pay some fraction of whatever the drones and their infrastructure cost, too.)
And most important, less graffiti also means fewer people stressed from eye cancer, and possibly fewer people who think it's okay to be a criminal.

Comment Translation of linked article (Score 5, Informative) 150

Provided to you with much <3.

Under the suspicion of having created a computer virus, Kyoto Prefectural Police have taken into custody a 13-year-old eighth-grader living in Tokyo, Akiruno City, and notified the children's welfare center, based on the youth's misconduct of virus creation (skipping translation of official name of crime, which is provided here as well).

According to the announcement, a male student created a virus last year, on August 5, that forcibly shuts down computers. His deed has been recognized as a misconduct/misdemeanor.

The male student was at the helm of a membership-based site where hackers exchange information. "I was interested in hacking and wanted to study hacking, and created the site in August last year," he explains.

Kyoto Prectural Police have also arrested a suspect, a 23-year-old contruction worker from East Yamato City in Tokyo (name is in the article, but I don't agree that it should be published at this stage so I won't romanize it. Google Translate probably did it anyway though), who gave technical lessons on that site, under the suspicion that he had stored a virus on his home computer that deletes files on computers without permission.

(July 5, 2012, Yomiuri-Shimbun)

Comment Re:Maintenance? (Score 1) 990

Recently read a book that is exactly on the same topic as the book referenced in the article. It's called "The Lights in the Tunnel," and you can get it from the author's site for a price you can set yourself. I read it and thought it was insightful.

According to his ideas, things won't be free. However, people will get a salary without "working" per se. The author recommends maintaining a market economy. There will be some jobs left, but most people will receive a salary directly from the government. The government sets incentives, such as getting a good education, and behaving in an environmentally sound way. If you go after these incentives, your salary is increased. Education keeps crime rates low, and behaving in an environmentally responsible manner is good for everyone.

It's definitely a decent read, and I think things may well play out the way the author thinks.

Comment Re:The cost of nuclear (Score 1) 280

The sad part it what will really stop nuclear power dead is if this forces the PM to resign due to public pressure. The potential disruption of the political power structure are what the politicians are really going to be worried about.

You are way off the mark. If the earthquake hadn't happened, it's likely that he would have resigned already. Here's a relevant link. Basically, his approval rating's gone up after the earthquake, from 24% (2011-03-03) to 35.6% (2011-03-17). 24% is slightly lower than the approval rating at which it's believed that a cabinet is on the way out.

BTW, Japanese cabinets come and go. As you can see here, very few Prime Ministers stay in office for four years or longer.

The Courts

USCG Sues Copyright Defense Lawyer 360

ESRB writes "The US Copyright Group has sued Graham Syfert, an attorney who created a packet of self-representation paperwork for individuals sued for P2P sharing of certain movies and moved to have sanctions placed against the defense attorney. Syfert sells these packets for $20, and the USCG claims the 19 individuals who have used it have cost them over $5000."

Comment Almost complete translation of linked article (Score 3, Informative) 237

Title: Sale of apple products ends across the board -- Apple Inc.'s intentions and Yodobashi Camera

Yodobashi Camera announced that it will stop selling Apple products on their internet site yodobashi.com and their telephone shopping service "moshi moshi Yodobashi". (TL note: moshi moshi is a Japanese word that is used when answering the phone.) Furthermore, sales in (physical, I presume) stores continue.

According to Yodobashi Camera, "it has come to the state of affairs that we have to stop selling all Apple products, including iPods, MacBooks, iMacs, and related accessories", and furthermore this is "a thing resulting from Apple Inc.'s intentions".

The service that you can pick up products ordered on yodobashi.com from one of their physical stores and their "check if product is available in store" feature are going to be continued for a long time.

Furthermore, Yodobashi will not comment on matters not publicized on the internets.

Besides Yodobashi Camera, Bikku Camera, Yamada appliances, and many other major volume sellers alike are stopping the sale of Apple products on the internets. Bikku Camera states that they can't comment on details either, but they display strong posture by saying "because you can also buy over the counter, it's not something that will have that much influence."

Besides major volume sellers, the Apple-specialized Rakuten stores "Akihabara Mac Collection," "kitcut," and others have stopped selling Apple products. (However, at the time of this writing (April 26), kitcut is still selling Apple products on their own site.) Apart from these stores, you can see many other Rakuten stores either state "not in stock" or that they have stopped selling Apple products. It is a matter of life and death for all internet shops that don't have a physical store.

And naturally, while internet stores across the board have stopped selling Apple products, Apple's own online store continues to sell products. Apart from the Apple Store, the foreign company Amazon.com still sells just like before.

Furthermore, Apple hasn't - as of April 26 - released any official statements regarding this matter, [didn't get this part of the last sentence - help is appreciated].

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