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Comment Re:sure, sure. (Score 1) 464

Oh, please let me introduce you to a common problem. Assume you have a nice hot pot of coffee. Now you stir it and at the end you put a shot of milk in. Now, I really can't tell you how hot any given point inside the mug is within the next 5 minutes. But, let me share a long term prediction it'll be within a degree of room temperature in 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Comment Re:I agree (Score 1) 370


Also, e.g. why should Europe wait a friggin' year to watch 'Lost' or 'Two and a Half Men'? Especially if you prefer it in the original language anyways? Give me a reasonable option to get it on release (preferably in HD) and I'll gladly pay up. Waiting a year for it - ain't gonna happen.

Comment Re:Ted Dziuba (Score 3, Interesting) 619

OK, I did actually read this blog he wrote and yes I think his position is valid. To summarize: Coding in your free time does not make you a good coder. Neither does not coding in your free time make you a balanced person. Both unrelated, thankyouverymuch. This is all in all a discussion you can have or simply ignore.

The one point I'd like to make is ... have your read this guys other posts? To summarize: He's a little young fuck with little experience raining down on everyone. It's mixture of the standard troll and Mr. Whiney-Whiney; with a focus on whiney-whiney. Cheers.

Comment Re:Sigh. Not this shit again (Score 1) 1073

1) Countries don't do an even job testing their students. In the US, everyone gets tested, even kids with severe emotional disabilities (meaning from broken homes and such). In some countries, only kids who are in the "college track" schools get tested. Yes, in some places young kids are tracked like that. In Germany students go to the Gymnasium, Hauptschule, or Realschulabschluss depending on ability. The Gymnasium is for kids who are going to university, the Realschulabschluss is for kids going directly in to the work force. Unless they changed it since last I checked, they only test kids in the Gymnasium with these higher level math tests.

Meeep ... they check Hauptschule and Realschule against the tests your junior high does. And test those from grades 10-12 of the Gymnasium against your high school attendees of comparable grades.

So to retort the fallacy, why don't they test kids that dropped out after junior high with those higher level math tests? ...See that easy.


Submission + - IBM and Amazon settle patents row

schmu_20mol writes: According to this BBC article, IBM and Amazon settled their patent-infringement lawsuits. ''Under the deal, Amazon said it would pay IBM an undisclosed sum of money, while both firms agreed to allow the other access to some of its technology.''

Speed of Light Exceeded? 393

PreacherTom writes "Scientists at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, NJ are reporting that they have broken the speed of light. For the experiment, the researchers manipulated a vapor of laser-irradiated atoms, causing a pulse that propagates about 300 times faster than light would travel in a vacuum. The pulse seemed to exit the chamber even before entering it." This research was published in Nature, so presumably it was peer-reviewed. It's impossible from the CBC story to determine what is being claimed. First of all they get the physics wrong by asserting that Einstein's special relativity only decrees that matter cannot exceed the speed of light. Wrong. Matter cannot touch the speed of light in vacuum; energy (e.g. light) cannot exceed it; and information cannot be transferred faster than this limit. What exactly the researchers achieved, and what they claim, can only be determined at this point by subscribers to Nature.

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