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Comment Re:Nothing New Here (Score 1) 133

Good thing the new models aren't loud. It's not SILENT, but you have to get up next to it and actively listen for it to hear it. If you're watching tv at a normal distance, you'll never hear it. I'm not sure if you really don't know/care, or if you're just trolling, but the newer models are manufacturer on a smaller process, which means less heat which means less noise.

Comment Re:UI / Logic Separation (Score 1) 440

Given that the article is about .NET, I'm not surprised that he would post about .NET's implementation of model-view-controller. The question is, why are you surprised?

He wasn't claiming .NET did it first, or that it does it the best. He was only claiming that it's not the next big thing for .NET, as .NET already supports this. But sure, go ahead, post your links about 1979. Show us more of your programming superiority. That's why we all came here...

Comment Re:Split screen multiplayer (Score 1) 157

I'm not so sure that PC gaming is the target market with this "multiplayer without the split screen on your TV" technology.

Can you honestly not imagine, oh, I don't know, some crazy and ludicrous hypothetical situation where two people own one console (a young engaged/married couple living together, siblings, you get the idea) and would want to play multiplayer together on it with each other but don't want to deal with the split screen? How about having friends over! That's a case where one person owns one console but would appreciate this technology. Since this requires a 3DTV, it's not going to be tiny either, which means no cramming together and smelling each other's asses is even necessary!

Do you have that much trouble thinking outside of your own little world, or did you just want to come in here flexing your "back in my day" memories? Or do you just believe that everyone should be like you, that is to believe that networked multiplayer gaming is the only kind of gaming?

Comment Re:Really (Score 1) 297

What this guy said, except on my work machine the input lag is constant in WPF apps, not just the first time they are run. (If you minimize then restore the window, however, it gets updated immediately). Luckily VS2010 seems to have the least input lag, but it does happen from time to time, and it is the exact same behavior as the input delay in every other WPF app.

This doesn't happen on my home machine, so I can only speculate it has something to do with the video card/driver implementation/whatever of directx.

Comment Re:VS2010 and smartphones (Score 1) 297

In my experience it is the underlying WPF that is to blame, and not just because the 2010 UI is so much more demanding than WPF was designed for. My work PC is a core 2 quad, not top of the line, but no slouch either, and I notice this input lag in other very small and simple WPF apps. In fact, in these smaller WPF apps the input lag is CONSTANT, while with VS the lag may only come once in a blue moon. If you minimize the window and then restore it, you will find the display updated. (Do it fast enough and you can convince yourself this minimize then restore made it update faster than if you had just waited for it to happen). I've not been able to figure out what the issue is, and it doesn't affect my VS often enough to warrant reinstalling everything as a troubleshooting attempt. (Googling has offered no help on this problem). It doesn't affect my home PC. I wonder if it has to do with the directx capabilities/implementation in the video card/video drivers? I'm really not sure, but the problem definitely lies with WPF.

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