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Comment Re:Associated costs (Score 1) 475

People do have the choice to cover the risk instead of asking the lawyer to do so. They could pay some hourly rate plus costs in which case the attorney is just working for them, the same way businesses use lawyers. What's to be pissed about? People don't want to risk their own money so they choose to pay the attorney a percentage of their "winnings".

Didn't RTFM. Don't know how the money was divided in this case.

Comment Re:Kinda Sad (Score 2, Interesting) 279

With few exceptions (modern Linux, early Firefox, your-favorite-here), when is FOSS not playing catchup? I'm a big believer, but it is my experience that most F/OSS projects are a response to some commercially available / big corporate solution. Often the FOSS project provides some some feature set or widget or level of access that is an improvement over the existing package, but, as a whole the F/OSS project often lags behind bad-guy-based software. And the more UI there is, the greater the disparity becomes between F/OSS and big corporate.

Commercial software vendors would have a hard time staying in business (and plenty didn't) if they couldn't stay ahead of F/OSS.

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