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Submission + - How does one move from engineer to CEO?

schlachter writes: I've always aspired to run a technology company however I wanted to come to this position from a technical background so that I could be effective and respected by others in the company. Fast forward: I'm now 29 yrs old and work as an artificial intelligence researcher on very interesting projects but the career path that is immediately accessible to me is to become a more advanced engineer with project management responsibilities. I'm wondering how does one move from engineer to CEO? How does one cross the divide. I've considered earning my PhD or my MBA but again I don't see how these degrees, in addition to my masters, will move me closer to my goal. If you are a CEO or high level executive and you started out as an engineer, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter and your own journey to the top :) Keep in mind I'm not doing product development or IT but working as a research engineer so please consider this when making your comments. Thanks so much for your input!

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