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Comment Re:Abolish the licence fee (Score 5, Insightful) 171

The BBC is THE best broadcasting agency in the world. It has provided an outlet for so many different arts, science and cultural programs that would never have been made with out the public funding it receives and not tied to being a slave to advertising agencies and the wares they are trying to flog.

Submission + - Google Offers Chrome Extension For Viewing Microsoft Office Files In The Browser

An anonymous reader writes: Google on Thursday announced the beta release of its new Chrome Office Viewer extension, which lets you view Microsoft Office files directly in the browser on Windows and OS X. To use it, you’ll need the Chrome 27 beta, which was released earlier this month, or higher. Download links are as follows: Chrome Beta and Chrome Office Viewer.

Comment More information on the SPAMMERs (Score 0) 47

I have had numerous of these SPAM messages, being an IT technician for a lot of small businesses, who do, unfortunately still rely on their ISP email addresses. (I have tried and tried to get them off these). All the messages I have received so far have been redirecting to the following sequential domains: http://workathomefree1.com/ through to http://workathomefree19.com/ With the following whois information: (unsurprisingly based in India) Domain Name: WORKATHOMEFREE1.COM Registrar: TRUNKOZ TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. D/B/A OWNREGISTRAR.COM Referral URL: http://www.ownregistrar.com/ Name Server: NS1.FASTNSHERE.COM Name Server: NS2.FASTNSHERE.COM With the assumed false contact information Mahdi Aparicio Mahdi Aparicio (@workathomefree12.com) Rua Manuel Antunes 1149 Londrina PR,86057-120 BR Tel. +55.4348843928 I have emailed the registrar to shutdown the domains on Saturday 9.30am (NZ Time GMT +13) but not holding out much hope of them acting on it.

Comment 7 yr old mouse (Score 1) 341

Though probably not the oldest piece of equipment owned by a /.'er, I have faithfully been using my logitech mx518 as my primary mouse (work and home) for the past 7 years, and it is still going strong. I see no reason to 'upgrade' a component when it is still a comfortable and functioning device. Or maybe it is just that I cannot afford new stuff?

Comment Re:He's not even the author (Score 1) 242

I agree whole heartedly. In order for the 'masses' to truely benefit from a diverse yet quality experience, they do need to perform some sort of quality control. Think about your local book store, they pick and choose the material they stock to appeal to the widest audience, if that means not stocking (largely) freely available information, it is really just their business decision to make.

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