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Submission + - Linux Mint Maya XFCE and KDE released (linuxmint.com)

scharkalvin writes: "This weekend the final versions of Linux Mint 13 (code named "Maya") for KDE and XFCE were released. The "MATE" and "Cinnamon" versions were released about a month ago. These are the "LTS" (long term support) versions based on Ubuntu 12.04. I've been waiting for the KDE LTS version myself to upgrand my computer with Mint 9, it's a bit long in the tooth now."

Submission + - Heathkit Educational Systems Closes Shop For Good (arrl.org)

scharkalvin writes: "For the second time since 1992, Heathkit Educational Services (HES) has shuttered its doors. Rumors of the legendary kit-building company’s demise were posted on QRZ.com, with several readers bringing the news to the attention of the ARRL. In August 2011, Heathkit announced it was returning to the kit building business, and in September, that it would once again be manufacturing Amateur Radio kits.

On LinkedIn, a popular networking site, HES Chief Executive Officer Lori Marciniak listed her employment ending at Heathkit as of March 2012. Likewise, Heathkit’s Marketing and Sales Director Ernie Wake listed his employment ending in April 2012. An unsubstantiated report on Wikipedia states that “[in] December 2011, Heathkit Educational Systems laid off most employees and in March 2012, the company indefinitely suspended operations.”

It looks like Heathkit is gone for good. Their plans on re-entering the kit market died with the current ecconomy."


Submission + - Nuclear Debate (cnn.com) 1

scharkalvin writes: In the wake of the Nuclear meltdown in Japan CNN has a aired views on both sides of the debate about the safety of nuclear power. IMHO If we are react with our emotions and not our brains we will probably end up throwing the baby out with the bath water on this one and lose a valuable asset in the fight over global warming. You need to read this.

Submission + - Mini Cannon shoots BB's (adafruit.com) 1

scharkalvin writes: I ran across this youtube video of a cannon small enough to wear as a charm that shoots small steel "BB"s with gunpowder. Great video of various things being destroyed including a CRT monitor (took two shots to get through the safety glass) and a can of soda. Reminds me of one of agent 99's spy guns, but this is something Max would have had.

Submission + - A Grand (i.e., Cool) Piano

scharkalvin writes: "A Grand (i.e., Cool) Piano
Yamaha has a new digital player piano the runs Linux.
"This instrument, the Disklavier Mark IV, is the first piano in the world with an Internet connection. And since it's also a digital player piano, all kinds of eyebrow-raising possibilities open up. ... Suppose you actually have the $42,000 to spend. After six months, are you still going to be loading up those Chopin files to show your friends when they come for dinner?

If the answer is yes, then you, the affluent owner of this amazing machine, have a lot to look forward to. Grafting the very new (Linux, Wi-Fi, Internet connection) onto the very old (classic grand, hammers hitting strings) might seem like a recipe for a Frankenstein monstrosity — but they mesh surprisingly well. The result is one of the most imaginative, unusual and expensive home-entertainment modules to come along in years.""

Submission + - Replacing dead mother board on XP system

scharkalvin writes: "It seems M$ has me by the short hairs. My wife's Compaq desktop croked (won't boot, CPU fan not turning and the heatsink is WHITE HOT). Looks like the MB/CPU is fried. I can't get a new MB from Compaq (too old) so I want to rebuild the machine with a new MB. Problem is what happens to the data and software on the HD? It seems you CAN'T transfer an XP instalation to a new motherboard. The EULA won't allow it. It also seems that you can't install a new copy ($$$!) of XP over the old one without loosing your data off the HD as XP will reformat the disk. Has anybody been done this road before? Yet another way Linux is better I think."

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