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Submission + - How the 'internet of things' can spark an open source community (networkworld.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Ninja Blocks puts a power into the hands of developers and users that has never been realized before, and which could be the genesis of an open source community of makers.

Ninja Blocks just put its June manufacturing run on sale after selling out its last five months of production. The Ninja Block is open source hardware and software for connecting the analog world of sensors and actuators with web services. It’s is an off-the-shelf way for people with many different skill sets to gain experience building the "internet-of-things."

Comment Try the Open Source Ninja Block for security (Score 1) 272

Given you put Arduino like options on the table you should checkout the Open Source Ninja Block ( http://ninjablocks.com/products/ninja-blocks-kit ). The Ninja Block (with it's free cloud service) lets you create rules that use it's sensors to send you alerts (via SMS/Email/Social Network etc). For example "if motion is detected, send an SMS". Included in the kit is a Motion Sensor and door/window contact sensor. You can get more sensors off the Ninja Blocks website. The Ninja Blocks community seems to also be growing strong: http://forums.ninjablocks.com/ If you want to tinker more, inside the Ninja Block is an Arduino compatible uC and an embedded Linux computer running Ubuntu.

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