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Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 158

minor, o.k. not minor point... you're confusing rendition w/ extradition. In the Snowden case the U.S. was prepared to have him extradited to the U.S. if they could get their hands on him. Rendition is sending a prisoner to another country that has more lax laws regarding interrogation.

So... please provide links/proof where this was going to happen to Assange, cause all I've seen to date is his paranoid claims that he would be extradited to the U.S. if he was sent to Sweden.

As mentioned before lot of paranoid conspiracy theories, very little proof.

Comment Re:Is this test legal in the US...? (Score 1) 547

umm... The time it takes to administer the test alone is prohibitive to its use as an employment tool. Interpretation needs to be done by a medical professional.

I've seen Myers-Brigs (and its various permutations) used in employment situations. But the MMPI or MMPI-2? Again the data would be useless. Especially the MMPI data as it needs a pro to know what parts of that test are still relevant and which parts can be thrown out.

Finally, to be repetitive, the MMPI and MMPI-2 are nothing like a myers-brigs assessment as they are diagnostic tools, no pat personality tests.

Comment Re:Is this test legal in the US...? (Score 1) 547

As has probably been pointe out in other areas... this is a psychological diagnostic test. It is generally administered to one who seeks counseling or help. It is used in context with interviews and generally trying to figure out what problems, if any, a patient has.

It is _not_ used by employers. In fact the data is irrelevant in an employment situation as, again, it assumes you are trying to diagnose a patient, not screen a candidate.


Journal Journal: Hungarian Notation

I have this love/hate relationship with it...

I think is is usefull for constants, globals, and gui components (e.g. mVar is global, kVar is constant, btnVar is a abutton, tbVar some sort of text box thought to be clear I prefer txbxVar... etc.)

But it just drives me buggy when somebody wants all datatypes, arrays, database types, xml types, etc. done up in Hungarian...


Journal Journal: Dementia

So... My mother-in-law appears to be going downhill fast...

Long story short:
Over 6 months ago her blood pressure shot through the roof, with out warning, causing short term memory issues... (Allegedley she did not have a stroke... but...)

Since then she has had good days and bad days, but over the last two months they're all bad... She doen't remember how to use basic machines (like a laundry machine.) And the doctores are pretty sure she has dementia.

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