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Comment Re:Storage Spaces (Score 1) 356

All modern Windows defrag tools are varying amounts of slow as they're using the Defrag API built over the top of NTFS.

Try MyDefrag (previously known as JkDefrag). It comes with a bunch of profiles for placement/ordering of folders and files on a running disk, plus you can write your own using its scripting language.

Comment Re:Lead free solder to blame??? (Score 1) 222

FYI 60/40 solder was not immune to stress cracking, just less prone to it than lead-free solder. I used to help my dad out in his electronics repair business by performing the menial task of wearing a monicle to identify, desolder and resolder cracked joints. This was usually a first step done on inbound equipment before even breaking out diagnostics and things would often be fully functional before without going any further. Most problems occured around heat-generating components in power supplies and flyback circuits such as high-wattage resistors, transformers and chopper transistors because of the physical stress placed on the joints during repeated thermal expansion and contraction.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 348

I have a similar story from when I went back to uni to do a B.IT. The first week or two I was having to show multiple students where the power switches were on the desktop PCs in the labs - this was mid-1990's so being able to miss the massive round button on the front panel with a power icon on it was inexcusable. At the other end of the course... sure, these people might be able to write computer software in one or two languages but they still have no appreciation of what's going on in the hardware.

Comment Stupid comparison (Score 2) 729

Apple reduces friction to the point where even my mom could upgrade the RAM on her iMac, and it can do this because it controls everything that goes in that box.

Yes, but you can *only* replace the RAM in an iMac. If you want to replace the SSD/hard disk or CPU, as a true "gamer" might want to do, then you're going to have all sorts of fun pulling it apart (a specialist pizza cutter to remove the adhesive behind that pretty glass screen, specialist screw drivers to un/refasten everything inside, depending on the model a specialist temperature sensor/SATA dongle to stick on the new SSD/hard disk, and new adhesive strips to stick everything together). And you'll never be able to upgrade the "video card" it's integrated into the motherboard!

Now try to game with your shiny new and upgraded iMac, whose warranty you've just invalidated... most games on Steam are Windows-only, especially AAA games, and of those that are "OSX compatible" many don't perform well on high resolution Retina displays.

Just buy an Alienware gaming machine if you're too delicate to build one from scratch.

Comment Do not want (Score 1) 136

Thank goodness it's optional. I'll stick with the existing 2-factor authentication via SMS, thanks:
  • Existing 2-factor authentication can work with any old dumb phone
  • New 2-factor authentication requires a tablet or smartphone with a data connection *and* it requires you to install the Google Search app (which will no doubt be reporting back to Googs on your every action.

Comment How do I turn off Optimized Storage? (Score 1) 249

The last thing I want is OS X trying to upload terrabytes of audio/video clips to iCloud because it thinks they're "old files".

iCloud storage must be great when you don't have 300ms latency and expensive ISP-imposed bandwidth caps to deal with, but the rest of the world doesn't actually want it.

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