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Comment Re:Obvious way forward is obvious (Score 1) 278 is cute for backyard gardens and indoor drug labs but it doesn't scale to the tens/hundreds of acres/hectares that commercial farms typically cover. I'd expect to see something like farmbot's tool rigs getting dragged along behind automated tractors like a modern version of a plough.

Comment Re: Karma (Score 1) 40

I second this. Samsung is completely crap at providing firmware updates their TVs and Bluray players to fix fundamental issues with their software. e.g.: Typically the audio and video formats supported in the user manual only work over USB-connected storage - I've never once had a Samsung product able to decode all allegedly supported formats over an "AllShare" network connection.

Comment Re:Block everyone or the driver? (Score 1) 291


The guidelines for smartphones call for features able to differentiate between drivers and passengers within cars, so that only the driver is shown a simplified and restricted view.

Which leads to the question: how exactly do you differentiate between a driver and a passenger?

Comment Re: oh goody! (Score 4, Informative) 478

Windows, of course, will throw a blue fit if you try this

What makes you say that, exactly? I just used gparted Live last week to migrate my Windows 10 installation from an old Intel 180GB SSD to a new Kingston 480G SSD and had no problems whatsoever. I wouldn't expect moving drives between identical hardware to be any different, but systems with different motherboards, NICs, GPUs, can all be booted in Safe Mode to install the required drivers.

Comment Re:TRANSLATION.... (Score 2) 176

Are you serious? That's like saying all those millions (billions?) of dollars companies poured into Office training were all for naught when Ribbons replaced menus in Microsoft Office. The activities are the same, most of the keyboard shortcuts are the same, it's just a matter of finding things in the menus if you can't rember the shortcuts.

Comment Re:BULLSHIT! (Score 1) 72

Apps don't execute code. Since these idiots don't undertstand this, dismiss it as the nonsense it is.

FYI iOS apps are compiled to binary code, which is why you can't use any dynamic runtime code generation on them, and so *could* be vulnerable to this type of attack. i.e.: from C#-based Xamarin apps you can use Reflection.Emit to generate code at runtime on Android, OSX and Windows (which leverages the JIT features of .NET/Mono/Dalvik), but you can't do this on iOS because they're pre-compiled for specific processors before getting packaged and uploaded to iTunes app store.

Comment Re:Interesting definition of better. (Score 1) 269

Someone out there thinks it's important, too -- over a year ago it was answering a billion questions a week, just for iPhone users (

Seriously? When have you ever asked Siri a question and gotten the right answer *the first time*? I'd wager 80% of those questions are repeats because Siri kept fucking up. That seems to be its failure rate for me, anyway, especially when I'm trying to dictate messages while driving in a car.

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