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Comment Re:BULLSHIT! (Score 1) 72

Apps don't execute code. Since these idiots don't undertstand this, dismiss it as the nonsense it is.

FYI iOS apps are compiled to binary code, which is why you can't use any dynamic runtime code generation on them, and so *could* be vulnerable to this type of attack. i.e.: from C#-based Xamarin apps you can use Reflection.Emit to generate code at runtime on Android, OSX and Windows (which leverages the JIT features of .NET/Mono/Dalvik), but you can't do this on iOS because they're pre-compiled for specific processors before getting packaged and uploaded to iTunes app store.

Comment Re:Interesting definition of better. (Score 1) 265

Someone out there thinks it's important, too -- over a year ago it was answering a billion questions a week, just for iPhone users (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2015-06-08/siri-how-many-questions-do-you-answer-per-minute-).

Seriously? When have you ever asked Siri a question and gotten the right answer *the first time*? I'd wager 80% of those questions are repeats because Siri kept fucking up. That seems to be its failure rate for me, anyway, especially when I'm trying to dictate messages while driving in a car.

Comment Re:The Terminal sucks, doesn't it? (Score 1) 370

Like it or not the programming world runs on libraries. And BASIC is, well, basic and doesn't have any libraries.

You used the screen argument for BASIC... that's all it can do - interact with a text-based terminal console. And a static one at that - BASIC doesn't deal with the modern world of "Holy crap, my terminal screen just resized!"

Want to open a serial port to talk to a modem or another computer? Sure, Perl and Python have built-in support for that. BASIC does not. And I mean vanilla BASIC here, not Apple BASIC nor QBASIC which added their own extensions for this.

Want to open a USB device to interact with it? e.g.: one of those USB dart guns, a robot arm or even an Energizer USB charger. Sure, Perl and Python have libraries to do that. BASIC does not.

Comment Never opened a Terminal, hey? (Score 1) 370

But is it a problem that there's no beginner's programming language currently shipping with Macs? Over the years Macs have shipped with Perl, Python, Ruby, tcl, and a Unix shell. Do you think Apple could encourage young programmers more by also shipping their Macs with BASIC?

AppleScript, Python and Perl are all installed on your shiny new Mac - you've clearly never opened a Terminal window to see the latter two. Would it be helpful to ship with BASIC as well? Not in my opinion.

Comment Re:What's our take away on this supposed to be? (Score 1) 86

(B) The people who are designing the government tests epically suck at their jobs, should be fired, and have competent people hired in their places

It's not that they suck at their jobs. Due to "fairness, transparency and accountability" requirements any testing methodology they come up with has to be fully documented and given to the manufacturers ahead of time. Manufacturers being the scum-sucking bastards that they are will, of course, run all these tests in their own labs ahead of time and tweak the crap out of things so they come out on top.

Comment Why is this news? (Score 1) 491

And totally incorrect news at that. What a load of crap.

The SSD isn't using any kind of RAID - it's an NVM Express SSD module and Linux doesn't have NVMe driver suport yet. It incorrectly reports it as RAID. This has been known about since at least July, http://askubuntu.com/questions...

Windows doesn't have NVMe driver support on installation media, either, which is why you have to download the NVMe driver from Microsoft if you want to reinstall Windows from a disc.

Comment Re:FF49, still a pig (Score 1) 129

I've got 15 tabs open across six windows at the moment on Firefox for OSX. It's currently using 1.04GB but stays open for days at a time - it only gets restarted for System Software updates and the ocassional Angular web site going pear-shaped.

Going to about:memory shows that about 1/2 of that (483 MB) is consumed by gfx-textures, about 1/4 (253.29 MB) by the js-main-runtime component and pretty much everything else spread out through the heap-allocated collection.

Comment Re:Damn this is inconvenient (Score 1) 81

They DID make an 800k 3.5" drive for the apple II, but it was not popular, as it needed many expensive upgrades to work.

Bollocks. The Apple Disk 3.5 worked out of the box on the Apple IIgs (and was the preferred drive sold with it) and worked on any other Apple II/II+/IIe that had a SmartPort controller. You're probably thinking of the UniDisk 3.5 which was, definitely, a pain in the butt on Apple II's but had its own onboard programmable CPU that made it "interesting" for copy protection strategies (and breaking them).

Comment Front-men for Greedy ISPs? (Score 1) 199

Reading through this paper it seems all about providing a mechanism for ISPs to monetize content delivery preferences. It's hilarious that they throw in token statements like this:

But perhaps most problematic, DPI only works if a user is prepared to reveal to their ISP the service they are requesting special treatment for, which might hurt user privacy.

Their proposal, Network Cookies, is all about identifying users and their content delivery preferences. Tell me how that doesn't hurt user privacy? Somebody above said this is like "Do-Not-Track." I disagree - this is more like an Uber-Mega-Persistent-Cookie which, according to their recommendations, will work not just in HTTP but all network protocols they can get their hooks into.

There are many inconsistent statements throughout this paper. At one point they label DPI witha "high transaction cost", at another it's "low overhead."

Comment Re:here's why bluetooth sux (Score 1) 761

many high end headphones like those from Sennheiser, Shure, Westone and the like already have removable replaceable cords and multiple cords to choose from, including custom made ones like super high end grade silver, gold, and platinum ones.

The high grade silver/gold/platinum is only plating on the connector. You've got crappy copper and lead-free tin solder the rest of the way.

Comment I can see it now... (Score 1) 67

Apple's current marketing statement is:

With more than 2 million apps available and around 100,000 new and updated apps submitted each week, there's something for everyone.

After September 7 that will likely change to:

With more than 100,000 apps available and around 100,000 new and updated apps submitted each week, there's something for everyone.

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