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Comment It's a good thing (Score 1) 451

Maybe the next Java for the Mac won't suck. Their implementation has been crippled with memory leaks and is always back rev. It's slow and clunky and I've always had the impression that they intentionally developed it that way so people wouldn't use it. Good riddance.

Comment And there are statistical aberations... (Score 1) 780

I know 2 people that own iPads: a 60-something guy with a GED that spent his life working as a clerk or a delivery guy and never complained about it and a 91 year old WW2 vet that became a real estate agent after the war. What they both have in common? They're both really inquisitive and they both love new technology. Neither of them are selfish or elite.

Editors: Quit posting troll articles.

Comment And their evidence is? (Score 1) 578

We've suffered this case for how many years and this is their evidence? Someone tell me that they actually had a software engineer with extensive multi-generation and cross platform software development experience testify. Code like "if (foo->bar == 0) return 0; return foo->bar;" simply DOES NOT qualify as duplicated code. This is their evidence? Come on.

Comment Before you learned to speak (Score 1) 739

Slackware v0.0something around 1994. Stored on and ran off a 5.25" floppy on a 386-25 with 256K of RAM and a 40Mb disk. Or 192K/20Mb. It was 20 computers ago and hundreds of OSs ago. I ran it long enough to say "this sucks" and went back to my brand-X SVR4 install which was installed off of about 50 3.5" floppies.

I just upgraded my quad-core box with 4G RAM/500G Rust from Hardy to Jaunty yesterday from an ISO I downloaded.

Time warp...


Submission + - No such thing as bad (Microsoft) press

scanrate writes: "For a web site that so fervently supports Linux and Open Source, there seems to be no place to get more press about Microsoft than at Slashdot. For all of the good companies in the world that are developing open source solutions, often at great cost and for little return, Microsoft, in all its evil gets far more press than anyone else.

Is it time for us all to "embrace and extend" or should /. lower the threshold for promoting open source startups?"

Submission + - SE Toolkit Replacement Released

jvs writes: "Rich Pettit, creator of the SE Toolkit has released the new modern replacement, XE Toolkit. Unlike the SE Toolkit (that only ran on Solaris), the XE Toolkit support MacOS X, Solaris SPARC, Linux x64, Solaris x64, Windows XP, FreeBSD, Windows 2003 Server and Linux x86 with support for AIX, HP-UX and Windows Vista to follow.

More info and downlaod details can be found at"

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