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Submission + - One small step for Adobe, one giant leap for HTML5 (zdnet.com)

scafuz writes: "adobe silently fading away from mainstream, gives us one more reason to go fo html5 ASAP!
Summary: Adobe has announced its future plans for Flash and AIR and Linux isn’t part of them. Flash will still, however, be available to Linux desktop users who use Google’s Chrome Web browser."

Comment RFID? (Score 2) 399

give rfid enabled cards to all invitees, and then put some arduino based stuff in every table so that when they approach a voice welcomes them "welcome $name, please take a seat, the 16-dishes meal is about to be served in minutes".... would'n it be awesome?
The Internet

Submission + - ISPs "exaggerate the cost of data" (pcpro.co.uk)

Barence writes: "ISPs are wildly exaggerating the cost of increased internet traffic, according to a new report. Fixed and mobile broadband providers have claimed their costs are "ballooning" because of the expense of delivering high-bandwidth services such as video-on-demand. However, a new report from Plum Consulting claims the cost per additional gigabyte of data for fixed-line ISPs is between €0.01-0.03 per GB. The report labels claims of ballooning costs a "myth"."

Submission + - SPAM: Study: Google Android's big issues, tight deadline

alphadogg-nw writes: A new study says Google faces some big problems in making its Android handset software stack a success.Some are basic but essential, like enlisting the enthusiasm of, and supporting, Linux mobile developers. Others are more systemic, like coming up with a viable model to compensate content developers, and convincing wireless network operators to share revenues with these developers. And Google's time is limited, according to the study. "If Google fails [to win Linux developer backing] by mid-2008, Android will never achieve the critical mass necessary to compete with Windows Mobile and Symbian" platforms, the report concludes.
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Submission + - New Asus Eee PC to be announced at CES 2008

An anonymous reader writes: According to several tech blogs, a new Asus Eee PC complete with WiMAX and a 9-inch screen is set to be announced at CES this year. Having recently bought an Eee PC, I can't say I'm too overjoyed that a new one is about to come out but it's going to be awesome. A larger screen is just what the Eee PC needs and hopefully Asus has improved the mouse buttons too.

Submission + - Skype-Linux reads /etc/passwd and firefox profile! (skype.com)

mrcgran writes: "Users of Skype for Linux have just found out that it reads the files /etc/passwd, firefox profile, plugins, addons, etc, and many other unnecessary files in /etc. This fact was originally discovered by using AppArmor, but others have confirmed this fact using strace on versions and What is going on? This probably shows how important it is to use AppArmor in any closed-source application in Linux to restrict any undue access to your files."

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