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Comment Never let it go... ever (Score 1) 514

I was buying a lock-cable in a computer store (ironically) and put my heavy laptop down on a table to reach into wallet to pay. Within a 5-second window someone had taken it out from under me...

I ran outside, chased him down, got him in a headlock and yelled out for the police and arrested the guy!

Moral of the story, never ever let it go. I was incredibly lucky and learnt my lesson.

Comment Sad Day (Score 1) 200

Its a sad day when 90% of the comments I've read here are from trolls and doubters. Slashdot posts a fascinating article about a really cool new invention and if there is anywhere he should find support it should be here. If everyone says its "snake oil", "don't listen", "don't try", "go away" we'd never have the Wright Brothers who would easily be discounted as inventors tinkering in their workshops today.

He's already facing tough odds and breaking ground. An innovative technology community should understand that.

I know this will probably be marked trolling; just check yourselves. Support instead of heckle.

PS I'm a kiwi. I have no reason to support this team, but damn, tip of my hat to them. Bloody good job Aussie.

Comment Re:Sounds like (Score 1) 1229

Its well known politics not shortage are the reason for famine. The reason we don't feed the poor is because if they stop paying for it the price will diminish and industries will collapse. We've had enough to feed everyone for years.

GMO keeps it value added so they can charge a premium, using suicide seeds keeps it in the control of Monsanto. Its pretty much all an evil-empire sort of reality but life in a capitalist world without sufficient regulation.

I support GMO research but also support choice, we need to keep GMO's super tightly regulated & in labs to preserve the rights of people to choose organic food. In the US GMO is everywhere - its virtually impossible to choose not to eat it.

Comment As usual... (Score 2) 1017

As usual on Slashdot people post without actually RTFA at all... His point is that Fructose is 10x worse than Glucose, because it inhibits satiation response meaning you eat more, as well as cross linking compounds in the liver (sclerosis) leading to liver failure. Also that compared to glucose; 10x more fructose reaches the liver that needs to be processed, and that because of the specifics of fructose processing reaction - It isn't processed, leading to build up, generation of high density LDL protein (heart attacks), insulin resistance, diabetes. Its a toxin! Simple! And much more toxic than water.

Submission + - Former Internet Vigilante Gets Two Years For DDoS (ibtimes.com)

RedEaredSlider writes: A computer programmer who once volunteered for Perverted Justice, the producers of "To Catch a Predator," was sentenced Friday to two years in prison for launching a botnet that attacked the organization's web site.

In September, Bruce Raisley, 48, of Kansas City, Mo., was convicted by the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. He had created a virus that spread to about 100,000 computers and launched a number of DDoS attacks in 2007 and 2008.

Comment Re:Human touch is seen as empathetic (Score 1) 137

It was a misleading summary, actually people liked it more when they thought it was cleaning! "Although Cody touched the subjects in exactly the same way, they reacted more positively when they believed Cody intended to clean their arm versus when they believed Cody intended to comfort them." See the original: http://www.digitallounge.gatech.edu/healthandeducation/index.html?nid=64852

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What makes Silicon Valley tick? (techcrunch.com)

sc0p3 writes: "Chile is trying to copy the success of Silicon Valley in fostering innovation by bringing in foreign entrepreneurs and providing grants and networks to kick start their technology companies. What are the key components to a successful tech-community culture where so many communities like this have failed? What recommendations would you have to a programmer aspiring to get funding?"

Comment Re:One more recourse (Score 1) 642

Good post, just a thought re:cancer - the radiation flying on the plane itself is 100x more than the backscatter. You leave the protection of the ozone.. its the wild west up there. Looks like I'll be avoid USA now on my travels.. the options are pretty terrible. Groped or photographed naked. Surely this won't stay for long?

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