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Comment Re:Here's an explanation or two (Score 1) 455

I would be happy if voice call functions are unavailable when moving in a car\bus\train unless there is some kind of headset (Bluetooth or headphones) connected. Video calling I'd be happy to be blocked completely when moving, no one wants to be subjected to other people video calling, especially on public transport.

Comment Re:NOT MS-DOS (Score 2) 230

Also the summary is incorrect, there are 64 sites that use CHIRON in the state and they are all regional sites with low numbers of presentations. There are 11 metropolitan sites (plus their satellite sites) that use either the updated system or another old legacy UNIX system that is in-line for replacement with the new system.

Comment NOT MS-DOS (Score 4, Informative) 230

CHIRON is not MS-DOS based, It runs on SunOS and is delivered by a terminal session.

There are a number of other old patient administration systems (all UNIX based, mostly SunOS but OpenVMS as well, all delivered by terminal session) that are in use currently and hospitals that use them are being migrated to the new single system but it's a slow process as the new system does more than just patient administration, it replaces a number of other old systems as well.

So that it's MS-DOS based is just plain wrong.

I don't want to get into the licensing issues with Working Systems.

How do I know this? I work for the department..

Comment Maybe I'm Selfish But.. (Score 1) 353

What I don't understand about articles trying to increase the CS/STEM workforce whether that be minorities or just in general is that ultimately these people that are being encouraged to join these fields will take your jobs when you are no longer the "right age" no matter how good you are at whatever you do. Not to mention the impact on salaries the extra workforce will have.

Comment Re:Dear Slashdot (Score 1) 206

While I can understand your argument in all honesty it isn't always a case of circumventing the local taxes and tariffs. There are some items that do not get released in Australia or have a delayed release. It really does suck when you read reviews of a product you desperately want only to find it will not be released in your country and the only way to get it is through one of these package redirection services.

Comment Re:Using Big Data to MAXIMIZE Healthcare Cost (Score 1) 507

I don't see how changing to electronic records is the problem here. It's the fact that staff at the hospitals have been coding the patients incorrectly and under paying the doctors and hospitals performing the procedures, in addition to possibly over paying for other procedures.

This is why the rest of the world uses ICD-10 coding.

Comment Re:Technology at its finest (Score 2) 266

I hadn't seen that from Turnbull. I wonder just how many of those informal votes were on purpose. I don't believe a majority were mistakes, the House of Representatives is not exactly hard to place your vote. If a voter can't count 1 to 6 (or however many candidates) then they probably shouldn't be voting in the first place. The Senate on the other hand, I can totally understand screwing that up if you're a bit masochistic and chose to go below the line. The damn voting slip doesn't even fit in the booth!

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