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Comment 6.5 billion... (Score 5, Insightful) 57

About 2 billion will be going to Randall L. Stephenson. Another 2 billions will be distributed among the executive officers. The remaining 2.5 billion will slowly sublimate over 5 years. When the project is nowhere near completion after 5 years and the money runs dry, government will allocate another $4 billion dollars to the project. About 1/5th of that 4 billion will be used to build the actual communication network...

Comment NOT A BATTERY (Score 4, Insightful) 230

A capacitor is not a battery! They can fulfill the same need sometimes, but it's entirely different principle of operation. Next, the article is all about how lithium batteries suck, but doesn't talk about how this new capacitor compares to other capacitors or batteries. Before you can tell if this is useful at all or just junk, you have to know at least these four key metrics:

energy density per mass
energy density volume
power density per mass
power density per volume

The article is useless, doesn't list anything relevant.

Comment uhh.... (Score 1) 95

including hiking rates during peak hours with so-called surge pricing

Oh no he's charging more when the supply can't keep up with the demand! how dare he?! Reminds me of the Taiwanese flood that disabled hard drive factories, hard drive prices shot up because supply twiddled. How is that immoral (let alone illegal) in any way? It's completely benign, they should go after assholes like Marty Skreli instead, and assholes that profit only from arbitrage and asshole tactics.

Comment Cable TV for free (Score 1) 242

I had cable TV for free for many years because my cable modem provider forgot to block cable TV when I signed up for just internet. Even though I was getting hundreds of channels for free, I just couldn't get myself to watch it. I'm not sure why anyone would pay for to watch that drivel.

I pay for Netflix now because I like the TV shows they have... but I still download the pirated versions of the TV shows even if Netflix has them just because I like the ability to click a file and have it instantly start playing without buffering or having to get it from a server, without having to worry about Network congestion.

Comment mouse glued down... (Score 1) 116

They show the desk recline and the mouse stays attached to the mouse pad. It's either:
A. mouse glued down: useless
B. magnetic pad with enough friction to hold a mouse still (too much friction)
C. magic (aka lies)

Either way this doesn't seem useful. I wouldn't get one even if it was 1/50th of the cost. There are suckers out there who are willing to give it a try, that's why there are companies out there that make this junk and this is why God invented the "junk closet" - because that's where this contraption will go after roughly 5 hours of usage.

Comment He made it or did he disassemble it? (Score 1) 657

I can't find anywhere on this article... did he actually make this stupid clock or did he just disassemble a cots alarm clock and stick it the parts in a briefcase? It sounds like the latter, because why would you make it plug-in if you're making your own alarm clock to go in a brief case?
The Internet

Former Russian Troll Wins Lawsuit Against Propaganda "Factory" 49

An anonymous reader writes: Lyudmila Savchuk, a former Russian internet "troll" has been awarded one rouble ($0.01) in damages after she sued her ex-employer claiming it was a propaganda "factory". A Russian court ordered the secretive agency to pay her symbolic damages. Savchuk claims that she and her co-workers at Internet Research were paid to flood websites with pro-Putin commentary. The BBC reports: "Ms Savchuk said she was happy with the result because she had succeeded in exposing the work of Russia's internet 'trolls'. Russian media quoted a spokesman for Internet Research denying the accusations. The Kremlin says it has no links to Internet Research's operations. Since leaving the agency, Ms Savchuk has been organizing a public movement against online trolling."

Comment Re:A mini ice age? Really? (Score 1) 185

"All life dying" is never going to happen. Life has survived on this planet through far worse cataclysmic events. And humans aren't about to go extinct anytime soon.

However, climate change has consequences. When climate shifts, fertile land becomes less fertile. When food runs out, there's famine. When there's famine there's disease and war.

Let's say it's a relatively small disruption, then only 1% of population dies off. That's not too bad? That's 70 million people. If you kill 70 people, you're a serial killer. If you kill 70 million people, you're a climate change denier.

Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 4, Interesting) 256

You already pay the AG's salary as well as his business expenses and his medical/dental/vision through your taxes. You shouldn't have to illegally bribe him extra to have him do what's best for the general public that he's being legally paid to serve.

Serving someone other than the people who elect you and pay your salary needs to be tried as treason or at least heavily stigmatized. Unfortunately, it's not even frowned upon lately.

Comment gotta protect your business (Score 3, Interesting) 256

No matter how outdated you are, you have to protect the family business. These big content distribution moguls are all up in arms about the fact that content distribution is trivially easy now. What would you do if you had a multi-billion dollar business built around doing something that became trivially easy to do? Start breaking some knee caps of course!

They've been operating in the grey area of the law for half a century. It's only a matter of time until MPAA/RIAA and their constituents get tried under RICO statutes.

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