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Comment Re: this malware is less evil (Score 2) 118

I've used Runtime's "GetDataBack" software a few times and every time I've recovered ~90% of the original data, even when I ran it from the same system that the deletion happened on.

If your data is super important and you don't have a backup for some reason, you could always ship off to DriveSavers. I'm sure they'll be super appreciative that the malware simply deleted the files and didn't encrypt them in place.

Comment Re:Why do people buy crippled plans? (Score 2) 148

While I realise some customers in the USA may have only one choice of ISP

That assumption is why you don't understand. It's not some, it's most. Here's an excerpt from a report from the US Department of Commerce:

[...] only 37 percent of the population had a choice of two or more providers at speeds of 25 Mbps or greater;only 9 percent had three or more choices.


Another article says basically the same thing, coming from the FCC.
And even when customers DO have a choice, I wonder how often one of them would offer 'Unlimited' when its competitor doesn't.

Comment Re:Completely different technology (Score 1) 91

I was mainly referring to the fact that if the GP has a LiDAR version of an "avoid-speeding-tickets" detector as he referenced, then the Ford LiDAR might (?) cause his detector to beep. I don't have one either (and only have so much time at work to kill doing research), so pure speculation whether the police LiDAR operate on the same band as the scanning LiDARs.

The jammer will probably not see it as a big light exciting its detectors, put occasional small points crossing 1 or 2 sensors at a time. How it will react to this is an unknown to me, but I'll surely it will be more optimized for long range (to predict laser speed traps) and might (correctly) assume this to be useless noise.

Maybe. I don't know how steady a police officer can hold a laser speedfinder, so the detectors might be programmed to respond to any beam, regardless of duration, just to be safe (but annoying to their users if LiDARs do in fact trigger it).

Damn informative comment. Virtual +1

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