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Comment Re: How? (Score 1) 99

Max cell tower range at the low end is 22 miles (depends on the technology)
Cruising speed (probably faster than they were going, but hey, worst case) is ~550mph
Putting it together, we get 2.4 minutes for a phone to be connected to a tower.

Don't know how long a handover takes, but I'll bet its less than 30 seconds. Probably closer to 3-5 seconds, considering that's generally how long it takes the network to stand up a connection for you to make the call in the first place.

Comment Re:Would it be positive for your customers? (Score 1) 158

The problem isn't with promoting content or unmetered content

Not yet anyway. But once they make enough deals with content providers ("Give us money and your shows will be unmetered for your viewers") all of a sudden the internet providers will proudly boast "90% of our customers only use X GB of data, so that's where we're placing our bandwidth cap", where X is $((Current_cap/10)).

And then that will effectively stop customers from visiting any content provider that isn't zero-rated, since that eats their data cap. This either forces the remaining content providers to pony up or risk a loss of business, and the cycle continues.

Comment Re:For 1 good reason (Score 1) 168

These are probably the same type of people who thought that "Cruise Control" meant that the car was able of controlling their "cruise"

Exactly, which is all the more reason to call it something other than an "autopilot".

And yet the car makers haven't changed the name of cruise control, despite some initial confusion.
After a few years, "Cruise Control" became synonymous with "Maintains your speed". Is it inconceivable that in a few years the term "Autopilot" will be universally known to mean "A suite of driver assist technologies"?

Comment Re:For 1 good reason (Score 1) 168

While it was a hyperbole, the point I was trying to make is that the PIC has to be ready to take the control from autopilot in case "holding a set course" is no longer a good option.

I agree that conditions change more rapidly driving than flying, however a feature set is a feature set, and shouldn't need to have a different name just because it is operating in a different environment. What needs to be changed is the minds of people who think that the feature set is completely autonomous and capable of high-level decision-making. These are probably the same type of people who thought that "Cruise Control" meant that the car was able of controlling their "cruise" (which is a common term for "drive" eg "I'm gonna go cruise around for a bit"), and promptly took their hands off the wheel after engaging cruise control when it was first released.

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