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Comment +1 for Kata (Score 1) 282

I've been using a Kata R-103 for about 5 years now. The bag is bulletproof. It's been all over the world from urban travels in europe to camping trips in the US. I load it up with my 1D and lots of L glass. While the pocket layout isn't perfect, the bag has protected my gear even when the cabbie knocked out of his cab and when I've abused it in the woods. Try as I might to abuse it, the bag still looks brand new. Honestly, I wish it would get a bit dirty. I feel like a poser (ok, a bigger poser than I am) it looks so new. I took the bag with me in to Haiti after the earthquake last year and everything else I took came back smelling horrible. I couldn't wash the "funk" out of some of my clothes, but that bag didn't pick it up. I'm really starting to think it has some magical properties that keep it clean.

I do have a few complaints. First of all the easy access camera section in the front isn't idiot proof. Twice now I have left it open only to have my camera fall out when I pick the bag up later. I shouldn't expect them to fix stupid. The other real problem I have is with their "system." I got the W-92 waist pack to hold my second body. Sadly it took some modification to make the system work. The bags just didn't attach to each other well enough to become one. I also made some minor modifications to the W-92 to make it work as a shoulder bag.

I've had bags from a bunch of other manufactures like crumpler (stylish, but don't protect well) LowePro (just not as good) and Tamrac (not as sturdy) and I have replaced them all with kata bags.

Oh and don't listen to the folks who tell you to get a regular pack. The velcro-in mesh lens bags and dividers do a good job keeping you glass from getting banged around all the time. I used to put my 10d in my Spire laptop bag (if you need a laptop only bag they are great,) but it took too much abuse and collected too much dust and dirt.

Comment The bigger question is who cares (Score 2, Interesting) 281

Did you look at the UI preview guide? Maybe it is just me, but it looks yet another attempt to change the UI for the sake of change. They have taken the concepts of menus, toolbars, dialog boxes and palettes and combined them in to one big tabbed blob that takes ups even more of the top of each window. Of course it is similar to, but in no way consistent with that annoying new interface they put on IE7. The only thing they have managed to keep consistent in windows is the need to press ^-alt-Del to login. They just don't get it.

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